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To: Hospitals, medical companies

More pay for healthcare employees

More pay for healthcare employees

Any healthcare place should pay their employees hazardous pay due to the coronavirus.

Why is this important?

As many healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk due to the coronavirus and are not getting a single penny of appreciation. They are the most important people that we need during this pandemic. Employees in healthcare are the most at risk than any other job and deserve to be payed hazardous pay for their hard work and dedication. The moral thing to do would be to pay ALL healthcare employees more during this crisis.

Reasons for signing

  • I'm a Dental professional,,,We get our patients out of pain,,before they go to the E.R.
  • I work at a hospital
  • Anyone working tireless long hours, sacrificing so much and risking it all on behalf of everyone else's safety deserves to be generously compensated for that.


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