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To: MYER CEO Richard Umbers

Tell Myer: clean up your act!

Your cleaners work incredibly hard to keep your stores clean and hygienic for your customers and they deserve decent, secure jobs.

But they are paid up to twenty dollars an hour below the minimum rate. Many are just too scared to speak out for fear of being sacked.

We expect a lot better from a billion dollar company that is Australia’s largest department store chain.

You have a moral responsibility to ensure all cleaners are directly employed and receive their correct pay and entitlements.

Why is this important?

My name is Susan* and I work as a cleaner at a Myer store in Melbourne.

Cleaners like me work around the clock keeping Myer stores clean and hygienic.

But dodgy subcontractors are underpaying us by up to $20 an hour. We are denied basic rights like sick pay, weekend rates and superannuation.

If we complain we can be sacked at any time – many of us are too frightened to join our union and speak out. A few weeks ago a Myer cleaner was sacked when he asked about his rights. So was his sister – and his partner. And they weren’t even there!

Myer threw out its last contractor earlier this year because cleaners were being exploited. Now it’s happening again.

We should be paid properly, and be able to work without fear or intimidation. The system is unjust and is failing us.

Please stand with me and my fellow cleaners and tell Myer it needs to clean up its act and demand we are directly employed and receive our full legal pay.

*Not my real name.




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