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To: Governor Hochul

NY Restaurant Workers Demand Fair Wages

NY Restaurant Workers Demand Fair Wages

Restaurant workers need fair wages, industry-wide. This Christmas, Governor Hochul should sign an executive order to get all NY restaurant workers fair wages.

Why is this important?

New York is the most expensive state to live in, yet, restaurant tipped workers are earning $10/hr. We can’t survive on anything less than 100% of the wage-- we need $15 with tips on top. Governor Hochul has the power to help! Avoid the nightmare before Christmas, and sign the executive action to pay restaurant workers fair wages!

This Christmas and Christmas Eve, many of us in the industry are refusing to work for subminimum wages. Many of us will be calling out, walking out, and/or taking a sick-out day. We want to stay warm with our loved ones because we cannot continue to put our families and ourselves in harm's way for these substandard wages.

I am signing this petition because this Christmas & Christmas Eve, I refuse to work for subminimum wages, and will stand in solidarity with other restaurant workers who are fighting for the dignity of a fair wage this holiday season and beyond! We are willing to work, but need fair wages.

Cheers to you, fellow bartenders, servers, barbacks, food runners, bussers, hosts and more! We deserve more.

[OFW was asked to set this petition up on behalf of various restaurant workers planning this action, and is supporting this holiday season.]


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