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To: Starbucks

Overtime paid for all Starbucks Partners

Overtime paid for all Starbucks Partners

I would like Starbucks to pay overtime for all partners who work more than 8 hours a day and more than 40 hours a week equally in all states including assistant store managers and managers.

Why is this important?

When I worked extra hours at Starbucks in California, I received overtime pay because of state laws. But when I transferred to another Starbucks in North Carolina, I no longer received overtime pay even though I have been working extra hours in my new location. As overtime pay regulations often vary by state, Starbucks partners in many locations don't receive the same compensation for working long hours.

A lot of us put our personal lives on hold and for different reasons when we have to stay at work longer. We love the company and love what we do, but we're not paid equally across the United States. Please join me in asking Starbucks to address this disparity by providing overtime pay to all partners across the country regardless of where we live.

Reasons for signing

  • I believe others should definitely get paid for working longer hours!! It is not an easy job always!
  • I believe Starbucks should have same rules across the United States.
  • Because I know what it’s like to work a lot of hours and feel under appreciated because it doesn’t change your check


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