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To: Peet’s Coffee CEO Kenneth Keller and JAB Holding Company

Peet’s Coffee Provide Emergency Paid Leave and Meet with Your Workers!

Peet’s Coffee employees believe that it is irresponsible to customers and employees for our company to require workers, especially imuno-compromised and vulnerable employees, to continue working as coronavirus continues to spread.

We are demanding that in response to the recommendations of health organizations and the spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus, our workers be given emergency paid leave until the threat of this virus is contained. We are calling on Peet’s Coffee and its parent company, JAB Holding Company, to support us by providing a minimum of 15 days emergency paid leave to those who request it. Without us, Peet’s Coffee could not run.

In addition, we are asking for changes to be made once business is back to normal. Our wages were much too low, our working conditions were difficult, and our benefits were non-existent. We are also demanding that Peet’s Coffee and JAB Holding Company meet with a committee of Peet’s employees to improve our working conditions and our lives!

Finally, we remind you that it is against federal law to retaliate against an employee for making a discrimination or wage-related complaint. This includes discharging, penalizing, disciplining or in any other manner discriminating against workers for this activity. 29 U.S.C. § 215(a)(3).

Why is this important?

We as workers, especially immuno-compromised and vulnerable workers, are being forced to risk potential exposure to and spread of the Coronavirus while CEO Kenneth Keller can continue working remotely.

We should not have to choose between paying for essential food, rent and medical supplies and compromising social solidarity (a.k.a. social distancing) or exposing ourselves to further risks.



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