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To: Chuck Witkowski, Kurt Goomey and current Permobil Pasco site manager

Permobil Employee Fair Workplace Petition

Permobil Employee Fair Workplace Petition

Current workplace conditions have long time employees, good hardworking employees, choosing to find employment elsewhere. As a collective, the employees of Permobil Pasco would like to present a list of requests that we believe would help ease tensions and create a more happy and healthy work environment. Please note that all requests/talking points should be considered as such and are open for negotiations. Help Permobil Pasco employees have a voice on changes we feel are necessary for better employee morale so that we can continue to change people’s lives.

The requests are as follows:

A) 15% pay increase for entry level employees who are not currently in their 90 day probation period. This increase is to help offset the cost of living increase we have experienced over last couple years.

B) An option for employer paid health insurance such as an HSA account or some other basic health insurance plan. The physical toll taken on employees bodies from job tasks related to work (lifting 30+ lbs, ratcheting, torquing, hammering, etc.) is detrimental to our long term health, even when done correctly.

C) Yearly merit raises should be either $1.00, $0.75 or $0.50 per hr for hourly employees and based as such on an employees yearly review. There would also need to be a clear and defined wage cap for each position that would be re-evaluated every 2 years. This will help to incentivize employees to perform at their best to receive maximum raise possibilities and strive to reach for the next level in their careers after reaching the wage cap.

D) $100 clothing allowance provided to all production/fabrication employees paid out every 6 months. Both the production and fabrication floors naturally wear and tear on our clothing at an extremely fast rate. This allowance would help to offset the costs to replace clothing required for work like steel toe boots and prescription safety glasses as well as keep Permobil employees looking professional.

E) Overtime should no longer be mandatory excluding the last quarter of the year. Overtime should be an option for an employee and not mandatory but employers can keep the right for mandatory overtime during the last 3 months of the calendar year as it is the busiest time of the year.

F) We would also like to request a meeting at a later date to either discuss new requests or amendments to any requests listed above.

Why is this important?

This is an opportunity for Permobil Pasco to have a voice. If we are to retain the highly skilled employees we currently have and foster a happy, healthy work environment…. there must be a change.

Reasons for signing

  • This year I was told that I would not be getting a merit raise because I had too many attendance issues last year. I was met with zero leniency and zero sympathy as I tried to explain that I had to take so much time off last year because the pandemic left me with no child care. We were asked by management to be patient and sympathetic with them as they withheld last year raises until November and gave zero hazard pay but when we ask for the same we are met with policies and scrutiny.
  • My husband currently works here. When he started he was so happy and excited to create wheelchairs for people. Fast forward 2 years, he cannot believe how management treats employees. He just took a new position and didn't receive a wage increase. For what the company is supposed to stand for, the employees are treated like absolute garbage. Its is sad to see my husband walk through the doors at night being disappointed and frustrated.
  • I was employed here for almost 4 years


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