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To: Publix

Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic Bag Ban

Charge a 10 cent fee for every plastic bag used by the customer while Publix phases out their reliance on plastic bags. These small fees in the meantime, as well as $1 reusable bags, will help fund conservation non-profits such as The Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club. This transition period to reusable nonplastic materials can take a couple years as Publix is given ample time to properly adjust to the changes. Publix shoppers will also be provided with the exact date on when the change will take place as well as emphasizing why it's so important to the environment to lessen the use of plastic bags.

Why is this important?

Because plastic bags and plastic, in general, are having a severely detrimental effect on the earth's ecosystems. We can all do our part of course in refusing plastic but our actions only go so far. We must demand businesses and corporations in leading the way to more clean energy and eco-friendly alternatives.

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