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To: Portland Public Schools

Portland Public Schools Campus Security Agents and Nutrition Services Staff Deserve Incentive Pay

Campus Security Agents and Nutrition Services employees with Portland Public Schools are continuing to do their important work during the Coronavirus pandemic, and deserve an Incentive Pay differential for the risk they are taking to do their jobs.

Why is this important?

Across most industries, “essential employees” are on the front lines of the Coronavirus crisis, supporting our communities and ensuring people continue to have access to services and resources. This includes the employees of the Portland Public School system, including the Campus Security Agents keeping campuses safe and Nutrition Services employees who are still making meals for food insecure kids to pick up while they are learning from home.

Like many workers across the state, our Nutrition Services employees and Campus Security Agents are stepping up to support our communities during this crisis. While most of their coworkers are thankfully able to stay safely at home with full pay due to Governor Brown’s Executive Order, many are risking exposure to make sure that students won’t go hungry. In addition to the risk of exposure to COVID-19, these dedicated employees are constantly exposed to the elements, working outdoors in weather that is often rainy and cold. These employees should be recognized for this effort by receiving an Incentive Pay differential for their work during this state of emergency.

These workers are putting themselves at extreme risk to help us, many with low-wages and few benefits. It is time that we as a community come together to support them and provide them with an Incentive Pay differential to compensate them for the risks they are taking. They continue to do the work that all of us depend on, and while many of us have the luxury to work from home, they are going out everyday to keep our kids safe and fed.



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