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Pricecutter Lack Of Hours & Low Wages

Pricecutter Lack Of Hours & Low Wages

Give more hours to the Starbucks Employees/Higher their wages.

Why is this important?

Starbucks Licensee stores inside of the the Pricecutters are given little to no hours. The employees usually end up hating their lives because they spend 6-10 hours a day alone with long lines for long periods of time. They are not given any extra help! Also Pricecutter doesn't hire people on high enough wages no one can survive in this day of age with the pay they give out.

Reasons for signing

  • I currently work at a Starbucks kiosk inside Safeway and the same issues apply. Short staff, long hours, long lines, no breaks, and less pay than actual Starbucks Baristas. This has to change.