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To: Missisquoi Valley Union High School Board

Protect MVU Jobs

Protect MVU Jobs

We, the undersigned Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union community members and supporters, call on the Missisquoi Union Valley (MVU) School Board to adopt a policy to not sub-contract any work currently being performed by employees of the MVU Board.

Why is this important?

Last fall, rumors of privatizing (also called sub-contracting) the MVU cafeteria to The Abbey Group circulated. The MVU cafeteria staff and many other staff are concerned that the school-run program may simply be “eliminated” to save a few dollars. This is not fair.

The food service employees are long-term, loyal and committed employees. They have a collective 66 years of service to the school, performed high quality work, and often go above and beyond what they are expected to do, especially for students. All the staff at MVU bring the same level of commitment to the school and the students.

The MVU cafeteria workers are being proactive and are asking the MVU Board for something very simple – to adopt a policy that it will not privatize the food service jobs at MVU or any of the work currently being performed by its staff. This is perfectly legal. It doesn’t violate the existing union contract. It doesn’t violate the Municipal Employees Labor Relations Act. It is well within the rights of the Board to pass such a policy. The policy wording we propose would be as follows:
“It will be the policy of the Missisquoi Valley Union School Board of Directors to not sub-contract any work currently being performed by employees of the Board.”

Contractors, like the Abbey Group, are in business to make money/profit. If they’re going to make money from the school, they will have to cut corners somewhere. Either they will cut services, or the wages they pay to workers, or both. If they cut services, the quality of school food program, in this case, goes down. And if they cut wages, they will get people in to work who are not very qualified, or who will leave as soon as they get a better job. Contractors like Abbey Group often offer no paid sick days or benefits, making the jobs even less livable for working people, causing more turn over in staff. High turnover hurts quality of the food program and it hurts the relationships staff have with the students. Low standards for the food program and its employees are not consistent with the MVU’s values.

We encourage you to add your name to encourage the board to adopt this policy. Thank you.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signatures at the June 19th School Board Meeting from what is collected as of that date. We will continue collecting signatures until the Board takes action.

Reasons for signing

  • To make customer retainability for growth and administration businessg marketting as open .
  • These Kids should be able to eat good and decent food because some of them may not have the opportunity to get the nutrition needed at home.
  • Mvu hot lunch is awesome. The workers are excellent and efficient at their jobs of feeding so many in five 20 minute cycles. I don't think the abbey can compete with that without trucking in yesterday's food.


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