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To: Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Protect workers and save local democracy in Michigan: Stop H.B. 4052

We ask that lawmakers vote against Michigan's House Bill 4052, which is an attack on working people and local democracy. H.B. 4052 would ban cities and towns from enacting progressive laws such as:
* minimum wage standards,
* paid sick leave requirements,
* prevailing wage laws,
* "certain ordinances regulating the development of real property" (H.B. 4052),
...and other measures to protect workers and their communities.

Why is this important?

H.B. 4052 proposes to take away key elements of local control from Michigan cities and towns. Municipalities that vote to enact higher standards than statewide standards would be barred from doing so.  We think the people of Michigan should have the right to enact progressive legislation at all levels of government, including municipal government. You can read the full text of the bill here:



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