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To: Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest.

Put an end to all forms of discrimination and retaliation at Pinterest

We want systemic change so that we can remain proud of where we work.

1. -- Full transparency about promotion levels and retention metrics of all worker groups at Pinterest. Underrepresented minorities are most often the individuals who are under-leveled and prone to leaving, resulting in a leaky pipeline where Pinterest loses out on top talent. Transparency will provide all workers with the information we need to pursue career growth opportunities within the company.
2. -- Total compensation package transparency of everyone who works at Pinterest. We want people to be able to advocate for equal pay.
3. -- 25% women and 8% underrepresented minorities within two layers of reporting to the CEO. Transparency and commitment to a diversity goal for the third layer reporting to the CEO. Hiring and promoting qualified candidates until every internal organization meets these diversity metrics.

The petition is anonymous and only the number of signatures will be shown publicly. If you would like to leave a reason for signing the petition, be aware that those comments will not be anonymized (they will be signed with your first name and last name initial).

We want to highlight that we are not the first to act on these issues. Another petition was started before us calling for Pinterest to pay its Black employees what they’re owed. Please sign it:

Why is this important?

Ifeoma Ozoma, Aerica Shimizu Banks, and Francoise Brougher have accused Pinterest of racial, and gender discrimination. These are not isolated cases. Instead, they are representative of an organizational culture that hurts all Pinterest workers, and keeps us from achieving our mission of bringing everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. We recognize that Pinterest has been a leader in diversity and inclusive hiring, with the diversity goals for new hires. It's become clear that this is not enough, and that the diversity goals need to apply from the top down, not just the bottom up. Not only will diverse and inclusive leadership prevent discrimination and harassment among workers, it will help us build a product that is relevant on a global scale. Other worker groups at Starbucks, Uber, and Etsy have been successful in driving positive change, and we want to follow their lead.


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