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To: Quiktrip Inc.

Quiktrip break policy

Quiktrip break policy

To allow us to have breaks. Georgia is the right to hire state. With that being said if you want a job you have to be willing to suffer abuse and mistreating from the quiktrip company. Other states that have quiktrip are required by law TO GIVE breaks 1-30 minutes and 2-15 minute breaks NOT quiktrip in ATL. Eat as you go and if your manager feels like her/his store is not up to standard better put that food up and get back to work. On your feet for up to 8 hours or more. Caught leaning or sitting, a reprimand/write up. Sounds more like worker abuse above all.

Why is this important?

To have the employee feel like they're not being over worked, concentration work camp(quiktrip) or an equal rights work place ? If you're going to have us standing running around for 8 hours or more at least make up for it in pay .


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