To: Uber Management

Reduce idle time, eliminate surge pricing!

Reduce idle time, eliminate surge pricing!

· Replace loathed Surge Pricing with set rates strategically applied in different time slots: 6-9am M-F (standard rate x 1.3). 9am-4pm M-F (standard rate). 4-7pm M-F (standard rate x 1.3). 7-10pm M-F (standard rate). 10pm-6am (standard rate x 1.7). All-day Sa (standard rate x 1.3). All-day Su/Hol (standard rate x 1.5).

· Show real-time (not based on statistics, real-time) demand/supply factors (numbers) in multiple areas of coverage map. Possible numbers go from "+5" to "-5," in which: "+5" means area of high demand/supply (=cars are badly needed here right now), "0" means even demand/supply, "-5" means very low demand or ridiculous oversupply of cars--move to positive-number area, etc.

· Get TOUGH on drivers that adamantly cancel rides only because they don't like the area or particular spot where the rider is requesting. I'm hearing LOTS of complaints from riders, especially in downtown areas, telling me that several drivers cancelled their ride before I accepted it and came to pick them up. This is a terrible attitude that forces customers to hate Uber and switch to Lyft.

Why is this important?

· These measures are extremely important to reduce idle time and to distribute available cars more evenly across served area and throughout 24-hour periods, and to compensate drivers more fairly--in particular those who drive the graveyard shift putting their lives in danger and sacrificing important family time.

· These measures will increase Uber's total billings and profit margins, increase drivers' net take, and dramatically reduce riders' waiting time.

· I have asked many riders how they would feel about higher-than-normal set prices at high-demand times, thus eliminating the loathed Surge Pricing system. Riders LOVE the idea, are in total agreement.