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To: REI's CEO and the Board of Directors

REI Employees Need a Living Wage

Letter to REI Management
Dear REI President Jerry Stritzke, and fellow REI Board Members,

Support Your Workers’ Demands!

We, the undersigned REI employees, co-op members, and supporters from the community, stand with REI workers in demanding needed improvements to working conditions at REI.
We urge REI to agree to the following demands put forward by workers:

1. Access to Full-Time Hours: Existing workers must be offered available hours before new part-time workers are hired.

2. Cost of Living Adjustment Raises: All workers should get their cost of living in addition to the minimum wage increases.

3. An end to "At-Will" Hiring: REI employees don't want to be fired without reason and without warning.

Why is this important?

"REI employees live in fear every week wondering if they will get 30 hours or 3 hours...It is impossible to live a stable life." Edward Peters, Sales Specialist, Greensboro, NC.

"I am half a paycheck away from being homeless." -William Bass, Sales Specialist, Seattle.

"We as employees need a voice." -Tia Kennedy, Admin Assistant, Seattle.

"This treatment has gone on far too long, and must stop." Daniel Robinson, Outdoor Instructor, Portland, OR.

At Seattle City Hall on July 11th, just under a dozen REI workers publically shared their stories of hardship while working for REI. These employees from across the country, reported erratic schedules, low pay, hunger, poverty, and homelessness. These conditions have been pervasive, despite REI having a well known reputation as an excellent company to work for.

REI bosses have promised to improve conditions, but urged workers to keep quiet and only talk individually to their immediate supervisors. Why does REI want to keep improvements quiet? Workers want assurance that REI will make the changes that they so desperately need.
By signing this petition, you are telling the CEO and Board that you want them to make the improvements that REI workers want, and that they need.

With your help, we can make REI live up to its claims of being: a model leader in the retail industry, a democratic Cooperative not a greedy corporation, an employer that seeks "to maintain an excellent workplace for staff" with a "commitment to responsible corporate citizenship."

Reasons for signing

  • standards need to be set join in
  • REI employees deserve better and it's time the REI Co-Op get back on trail and live the values it espouses! Homelessness and fear of homelessness are not part of the vision the co-founders, Mary & Lloyd Anderson, had intended for its fiercely dedicated employees. First and foremost, REI is a co-op and cooperatives take better care of their people. In that REI has 'Walmart-ized' its cooperative business model is abominable!
  • After 7 years I saw a great place become less people centered and more profit centered. My friends were knowledgeable and worked hard at their full time jobs. Then in 2013 a new system took away these great paying jobs and made a few select people full time and the rest saw their hours and careers go away. I would love to see REI go back to the greatness that I so loved and admired. I hope that the powers that be will listen and make REI once again 1 of the top 10 companies to work for.


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Please note if you are an REI Employee, or REI Member. Thank you for your support!