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To: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Reinstate Banked Holidays

We the undersigned are petitioning for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to reinstate our ability to bank holiday hours.

Why is this important?

We take pride in providing stellar guest experiences, giving our all to make certain every person that visits has a pleasant and memorable time. We all love our jobs and the work we do is extremely important to us, but so is our time away. The amount of effort we put forth requires time for recharging. Many of us are transplants who moved here to work for the foundation, leaving our loved ones hours, states or in some cases countries away from us. We need our time to be able to visit them. Banking our holidays enables us to fill in the gaps when enough vacation time has not been accrued or sick time is not an option. This need has increased now that Emergency Leave has been done away with as well.

We are grateful for every bonus we have received and hopeful that raises are in the not too distant future, but in the meantime continuing to allow us to bank our holidays will help to feed our spirits.


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