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To: Doug Parker/The New American Airlines

Before Buddy Passes & priority on our own metal!

Before Buddy Passes & priority on our own metal!

Change the boarding priority so that active, working non-wholly owned crew members go before Buddy Passes. We should also have priority on our own aircraft (metal).

Why is this important?

As it stands, active non-wholly owned crew members will go after Buddy Passes on stand-by. Be it wholly or non-wholly owned, we all operate under the American banner. It is important to the integrity of the entire operation. Commuting crew members need to get to work so they can operate American flights. In the past American Airlines hasn't had very many non-wholly owned employees, so this hasn't been much of an issue. The new American Airlines now has thousands of non-wholly owned commuting employees. It is to everyone's benefit that working crew go ahead of friends traveling on a pass. This is our Livelihood! Also, having priority on one's own metal has always been accepted as an industry standard. Under the new rules we will lose this. We ask that we retain the right to have priority on our company owned and operated aircraft.

Reasons for signing

  • Getting bumped off my own metal while trying to go to work by someone who doesn't work for my company or even in the industry is the ultimate insult...
  • Commuting is already difficult nowadays. The stress this puts on an individual and the airlines operations is also difficult. This could be alleviated tremendously by not letting retirees and buddy passes go ahead of crew members trying to get to work!
  • I live in Atlanta, base in CLT this makes it too stressful trying to get to work. Never had such a problem in 8years until this so called NEW policy!!!!


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