To: Dara Khosrowshahi

Reverse Uber Driver Pay Cuts!

No one wants to take Walmart order for 7 dollars... Or even 9. No one wants to drive 15 miles for 11 dollars. There's been a bait and switch and it needs to change. You bought out Postmates and made the pay unlivable and we demand livable pay increases. When I first started the app was nothing but problematic. None of the support can fix a single issue. But the pay was great for about a week. You have lowered our pay and we demand it be restored. Grocery orders must pay more, longer distances must pay more. Or we all need to step back from this company.

Why is this important?

If this does not happen we cannot survive. You will live drowning in finances, working three times as hard for 40% less pay. The pay has gotten out of control. It should matter to you that they are making millions and have cut our pay to almost nothing.