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  • Delta Air Lines: Restore lounge access that employees paid for
    Restore Sky Club privileges for workers who paid for membership and respect the people who make Delta the most profitable airline in the world.
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    Created by Silviano Blan
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    Created by Claire Guilmette
  • H-E-B Punishment-Free Sick Days
    To whom it may concern, The new Attendance and Punctuality system was designed such that partners are punished for getting sick. This automatic system is indiscriminate, uncaring, and corporatized. It encourages partners to come to work sick, and puts the onus on them for doing the responsible thing, and staying home. On January 1st, 2023, I tested positive for COVID-19. While I wasn't running a fever, I had terrible symptoms and by all means should have been encouraged to stay at home. However, under H-E-B's rules, I would be required to come in unless I wanted to receive 2 steps for calling out. Unfortunately for me, I was on step 3 already (for being late for things outside of my control), and would receive a 40 rating if I opted to stay home. So what did I do? I came into work with a mask on and my positive test in my hands. I sat down in a meeting with my department manager and my general manager, and told them that I was a danger to my team, and to our customers. They wanted nothing to do with the situation because corporate policy dictated that their hands were tied. I ended up receiving 1 step instead of 2 because I "left early" instead of calling in, and as luck would have it, I happened to have the next couple of days off. One question I was asked by my GM in that meeting stuck out to me: "We're treating COVID like any other illness. If someone had the flu, they would get steps for calling out, so why should this be any different?" That's when it clicked for me - it's not any different. We should not have to suffer consequences for prioritizing our health, our fellow partners' health, and our customers' health above our attendance record. The action I'm asking for is simple: expand the list of approved excuses for absences to include legitimate illness. Let our managers make a judgement call to excuse our absences when we are sick. I'm not asking for extended disaster pay or forced leave, I'm simply asking that we aren't punished for something outside of our control. Sincerely, A concerned partner
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    Created by N C
  • Help Doctoral Students with Higher Stipend!
    I am asking the Universities in the US to raise the PhD stipend since many PhD students are faced with a stipend close to the poverty line after taking into account the increasing housing prices and the great inflation of necessities!
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    Created by Stan Xie
  • Shipt’s app glitches hurt all shoppers and violates CA’s Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act
    Shipt shoppers respectfully request that Shipt accept accountability of all the glitches that exist on it’s platform and establish a page on its shoppers website that acknowledges all known platform glitches and an anticipated fix date for each known app glitch. The page should also provide a “report glitch” function that allows shoppers to report app issues they experience.
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    Created by Concerned Shipt Shoppers
  • App Workers Demand Freedom and Fair Wages
    No matter where we live, what we look like, or what we do for a living, we value our freedom. Driving for rideshare and delivery corporations may promise the flexibility for people to set their own schedule, but today the CEOs of Uber, Lyft, and Doordash take home record pay and those corporations gouge prices while refusing to pay what they owe to the people they rely on to gas, repair, and operate the vehicles that allow these businesses to function. App corporations like Uber, Lyft and Doordash dodge minimum wage laws and continue cutting into drivers’ earnings, forcing drivers to work long hours away from their families in order to barely make ends meet. All the while, the corporations funnel more and more to the pockets of executives and investors. App corporations offload costs and risks onto workers. Despite how dangerous app work is, too many drivers and delivery workers are left on their own to figure out strategies to protect themselves and make a living. Corporations like Uber, Lyft, Doordash and Instacart must pay the people who work on their apps a fair return for their work and ensure that workers have a voice on the job. Sign on to stand with app workers who are demanding: a living wage, benefits, transparency and a voice at work.
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    Created by PowerSwitch Action
  • Ikea Workers Against Forced Arbitration
    Ikea is introducing arbitration agreements, which takes away our right as employees to a court and fair trial. An arbitrator is a third party individual who the company will compensate to resolve a dispute. The issue with an arbitrator is that workers lose their option to a trial and jury. Arbitrators have the incentive to side with the company, because if they do, they can hope to be called back for future work. Arbitrators are also more likely to provide a smaller award even if they do side with the plaintiff. Jury's are more likely to view employees fairly, and the arbitration agreement shuts us out from having that option. Forced arbitration is bad for employees, and better for companies who want more favorable conditions for legal disputes. We understand that litigation is expensive, but that expense can come from elsewhere if need be. Ikea has a reputation for employee friendliness, and this would damage that perception. All we are asking for is protection of our legal rights.
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    Created by Garrett Smalls
  • Revert Shift Times at LVO
    The bargaining unit is requesting the recently changed shift start and end times to revert back to the way they were prior to 10/03/2022.
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    Created by Jeff Carrodo
  • Gig Workers Demand Safety, Transparency and a Living Wage
    When the rideshare industry came to Chicago, driving for Uber or Lyft was a way for Chicagoans to make a good, reliable wage on a flexible schedule. But in the ten years since then, the big rideshare corporations have built a wildly successful business model on keeping fares high while cutting wages for drivers, ignoring their safety needs, and permanently banning them from driver apps with no warning or appeals process. Chicago drivers have worked hard to build the power we need to fix these problems. In order to provide drivers with a living wage and ensure they are safe on the job, we are demanding the following: -Address ongoing safety concerns by requiring passenger verification; -Raise driver pay from $0.61/mile and $0.25/minute to $1.20/mile and $0.30/minute and increase these rates in accordance with the Consumer Pricing Index each year; -Establish a $5.00 trip minimum, ensuring that every ride is worth our time; -Cap the rate that rideshare companies can take from each fare at 20% and require companies to provide transparent breakdowns of each fare to passengers and drivers, so both parties are fully aware of who is being paid what; -Require companies to provide drivers with at least 7 days of advance notice of any suspension and give us the right to appeal.
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    Created by Lori Simmons
  • Starbucks: respect the right to organize and stop union busting!
    Starbucks partners across the country are proud to wear the green apron. We love our jobs serving coffee, connecting with our customers, and making peoples' days in our community. Yet many of us know that Starbucks can do better, both for workers and customers. That's why over 8,000 Starbucks workers across the country, like me, are organizing unions at our stores -- we want a real seat at the table and a say in our working conditions. We are fighting for everything from stable work schedules and better staffing, to better pay, health and safety on the job, and accountability for management. We love Starbucks, and we want to make Starbucks better. Instead of recognizing and affirming our right as workers to unionize, Starbucks has decided to respond to our organizing with a vicious anti-union campaign. Corporate has spread misinformation about our union, threatened to take away benefits if we unionize (which they cannot legally do), cut our hours, and more. We have filed over 300 Unfair Labor Practice charges against the company, and the National Labor Relations Board has investigated and found merit in charges that include over 500 separate allegations of employer misconduct. In their latest escalation, Starbucks has taken their union-busting to the extreme and is now firing union leaders across the country. We have documented over 80 union leaders that have been fired for their organizing efforts. We demand that Starbucks recognize our right to organize and stop their union busting! We must demand that Starbucks immediately reinstate the unjustly fired workers and put an end to their anti-union campaign!
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    Created by Michelle Eisen Picture
  • Tell Ally Financial: We Demand Location Flexible Work
    For the past 2+ years, Ally Financials’ formerly office-based employees have performed exceptional work, flexibly, outside the traditional office environment. This allowed employees to control their own lives, mental and physical wellbeing, and family responsibilities while remaining committed to Ally’s culture, bottom line, risk, and reputational requirements. However, Ally leadership recently announced an inflexible return to office for the majority of the week with heavy monitoring beginning the week of September 5th. This rigid mandate from senior leadership does not consider the individual demands of each job role or department nor the diversity of individuals needs. Those asking for more flexible arrangements have many compelling reasons and circumstances: from disabilities (visible or not); family care; safety, health, and environmental concerns; financial considerations; to just functioning better, being happier, and being more productive. The one thing we all have in common is wanting to do the best work of our lives for a company whose official stance is to be an industry disrupter, be (even) better, and do it right. We demand that: • Ally allows each of us to work directly with our immediate manager to figure out what kind of flexible work arrangements are best for each of us, for our department, and for Ally. • These work arrangements should not require higher level approvals, complex procedures, or providing private information. • These work arrangements should be applied equally across teams. Managers and Directors should not be the only ones given autonomy and flexibility.
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    Created by J F
  • Expose Eric Kretschman & Highland Hospitality LLC : Workers Wages Stolen Across All Establishments
    As former and current employees of Highland Hospitality Group, we have endured stolen wages, bounced checks, overdraft fees, unhealthy work environments, and difficulty performing our jobs due to low supply of food/beverages because of outstanding balances with vendors. We demand that Highland Hospitality and Eric Kretschman commit to paying employees and improving work conditions. A huge lack of transparency with HR processes has staff confused and now can affect our salary. We Demand all former workers and current workers who have not been paid to be paid in full. We Demand ownership and issue a letter outlining transparency, as well as a detailed explanation of why our income was stolen. We want an outline of how he plans to no longer conduct business illegally, increase pay transparency to workers, formalize a pay schedule across all locations, and formalize wage policies at each location (tip out, method of payment). We Demand proof provided of all wages owed being paid, as well as proof of insurance contributions and taxes being paid to the appropriate entities, as well as current records of pay outs and owed credit card and cash tips and tip share. Due to the history of bounced paychecks, we demand all workers owed back pay be paid via certified check and bounced check or overdraft fees resulting from these bounced checks be reimbursed in full. We Demand Improved health and safety conditions of all restaurants. Provide adequate security and safety staff/precautions for ticketed and high capacity events. Employees have reported a high volume of mice and insects, broken air conditioning that has been broken for months or years, lack of hot water and more. Highland Hospitality LLC to provide each location's management team with a plan to address and fix and any reported broken appliances, under-stocked supplies and health concerns within 30 days. We Demand Highland Hospitality LLC show proof of progress on any essential repairs, supply shortages and health issues reported must be completed or resolved no later than six months after the initial report. We Demand an end to unpaid stage or training. We Demand Highland Hospitality LLC to pay for a ROC- United or 3rd party formal management training for each management team member currently employed and each new management member hired in the future. New managers must be provided training manuals and complete training by the 90th day of employment. Current managers must all be trained by 08/01/2023. We demand, in addition to employee wages, payments to vendors, musicians and other organizations that agree to do business with Highland Hospitality LLC must be paid in full and on time. Employees cannot provide good customer experience when the establishment does not have menu items, alcohol and other resources due to nonpayment of vendors. We Demand that future employees do not face this predatory behavior.
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    Created by ROC United Picture