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  • Employee union @tesla
    Livable wage, fair treatment, work load balance, predictable scheduling, work life balance
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    Created by minilik gebregiorgis
  • Dress code does not define work ethic
    They need to change the dress code concerning hair coloration. It doesn’t effect work ethic and it does not cause a distrust between customers.
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    Created by Maddy Noe
  • A Call for Travel Nurses to Negotiate against Unfair Practices
    Travel Nursing is an inherently volatile market; this can allow for bad faith practices to skew favor in the direction of corporate decision-makers. To push back against this, as well as to encourage the fair treatment of all nurses, we travel nurses now demand the following contract baseline: - “3k for 3”— a standardized weekly rate, $3,000, and length of contract, 3 months— to act as the bare minimum. - Contracts that actually bind, not just when it suits the hospital. - Clauses to reimburse for housing losses incurred by “bait-and-switch” events. - Optional patient ratio clauses. - Optional “no floating” clauses. Additionally, we request that contracts be in clear terms with all related data to be visible to the signing nurse; this will require more transparency from the staffing agencies.
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    Created by Noah Archer
  • Thomson Reuters Employees Demand Action on Protecting Right to Choose
    Employees of THOMSON REUTERS ask for assurances from our employer to protect employee bodily autonomy, regardless of an employee’s state of residence or employment. The company must explicitly state this commitment as part of its value statement and through the following actions: 1. THOMSON REUTERS must ensure employees who want an abortion will have their healthcare covered by their insurance or by a fund set up to cover this healthcare regardless of state of residence/employment. This must not be capped or related to other fertility or pregnancy related benefits. 2. THOMSON REUTERS must ensure employees who need to travel to another region/state for an abortion will have their travel costs covered and not need to use vacation time to support that 3. THOMSON REUTERS must ensure the anonymity of all employees using abortion healthcare and travel benefits 4. THOMSON REUTERS must offer a bail and legal costs fund for employees arrested during peaceful protests on abortion rights or from pregnancy criminalization 5. THOMSON REUTERS must not hold corporate sponsored events, including but not limited to Annual Sales Meetings and Synergy, in states where bodily autonomy rights are limited 6. THOMSON REUTERS must not sponsor events with marketing dollars in states that do not protect the right to choose 7. THOMSON REUTERS must disclose donations to anti-choice candidates
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    Created by Julie Strachan Haiber
  • Higher wages for higher cost of living
    Inflation is at an all time high, yet our pay has not been raised to meet the current cost of living.
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    Created by Amber Cannon
  • C is for Change - End unreasonable production demands at Cigna
    Improve work conditions, remove barriers that prevent us from performing our job duties, stop the constant harassment about AHT(average handling time), APP STARTER, KCS, One Guide Next Best Actions and allow us to actually help customers, remove raise freeze, increase our pay by paying-by-product the products we are required to handle, give us a way to report verbally abusive members and HCPs, fulfill your promises to pay covid claims for testing by not making the processes take months in particular the out of network claims. Reduce overall stress for all representatives and understand that we have all given and given and we are tired, frustrated, mentally and physically exhausted, stop the constant firing of our co workers which is causing more and more demands on us that are still there, honor national holidays in all departments. For those employees forced to go home because of coronovirus, compensate them for the internet connection they are paying for. Stop requiring employees to use their own PTO or perform makeup time for system failures regardless of the cause.(This process is supposed to be remedied next year with tech issues paid time off but in the trade you are losing ETO when Covid IS STILL RAGING)
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    Created by Cigna Call Center Reps for a better work Environment-Nationwide
  • Target Starbucks (piercings and hats)
    I want Target to allow piercings and also remove the mandatory hat Starbucks Team Members have to wear
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    Created by Uriel Mendoza
  • Facebook: Stop exploiting your workers
    Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook shouldn’t profit from exploitation in Kenya or anywhere else. I stand in solidarity with all Facebook moderators, and call on you to: - Declare you will respect moderators’ rights to organise, by posting a statement in every moderation floor about moderators’ right to form a union; - Pay workers better — their hazardous work deserves a raise; - Protect content moderators by giving them access to real medical and psychological care — not wellness coaches; - End the harmful outsourcing that is driving abuses — content moderators need the same rights as Facebook staff.
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    Created by martha dark
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    Created by Brian Shinkle
    Starbucks claims to recycle and has placed a half recycle bin, half trash bins in the stores in my area. However, we were instructed to throw the blue trash bags right in with the clear ones in the outside dumpsters. The only material that is actually recycled differently is cardboard and newspapers. I understand that very small steps are being taken in the right direction; however, why take baby steps when we already know how to LEAP!? I propose that we begin to recycle ALL recyclable materials. For example: Empty Milk Cartons Empty Milk Gallons/Half Gallons Empty CO2 Cartridges Plastic Cups Paper Cups Glass Bottles Plastic Bottles Cardboard Coffee Grounds (AT EVERY LOCATION) Coffee Pods Coffee Packaging Etc. Almost everything used at Starbucks can be recycled or re-used. And from my four years of observation I see little effort to do so. Lead by example. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!
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    Created by Alexander Haikalis
  • Money as an incentive when coworkers don't come in
    When a partner doesn't come into a shift, the responsibility of that person is placed among the ones who did show up. I believe that an equal opportunity for all of the present workers could be dividing the pay of the person who didn't show up by the number of present partners. For example, if the baristas make $8.35 an hour and one of them doesn't show, that amount could be divided by the number of people in the store during their shift.
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    Created by Zoe Gray
  • Over worked and under paid supervisors
    Give their Supervisors a living pay. Supervisors are over worked and underpayed. They are a barista/supervisor which means they do everything baristas do plus supervisor duties. Supervisors are given Assistant managers work and expect to give it our all.
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    Created by Elisabet Ross