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  • WeWork: Close During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    WeWork: close all your offices immediately, for at least two weeks, and do not reopen until public health experts are confident that social distancing is no longer a necessary measure to limit the exponential spread of the novel coronavirus. Pay all your employees and routine contract workers such as cleaning staff their regular wages and benefits during the closure, and don't charge membership fees for this period when members won't be able to safely use your services.
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    Created by Jill Raney Picture
  • Temporarily Close Dunkin’ Due to Coronavirus
    Close all Dunkin’s in the United States as well as provide payment during the time of closure.
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    Created by Katerina Werth
  • City of Madison Workers Demand Coronavirus Protections
    The City of Madison should set the standard for other employers in how it manages the COVID-19 pandemic with its employees: • Ensure a safe working environment: supply masks, gloves, sanitizer and other safety materials, especially for workers dealing with the public • Any employee asked to quarantine or that has contracted the virus should be booked off work with full pay and no use of their leave time. • Employees absent to care for themselves or a loved one showing signs of the virus should face no discipline and have their job guaranteed. • Allocate additional sick days to ensure to all City employees so that no one reports to work while ill and potentially spreads the virus • Guarantee in writing that should any City agency close or workers asked not to report, that the City will guarantee their full pay and benefits
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    Created by Madison City Worker
  • Shut it down
    Shut down production
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    Created by James Smith
  • More pay for healthcare employees
    Any healthcare place should pay their employees hazardous pay due to the coronavirus.
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    Created by Emily Milliron
  • Fast food is not essential!!
    Complete close down of fast food restaurants including drive through, for at least 2 weeks if not longer due to the Coronavirus. Offer the employees FMLA to take care of their families. Grocery stores and healthcare is essential , coffee, fast food and donuts are not!! America’s health is essential let’s start thinking about that instead of a quick cheap meal!!
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    Created by Jane H Picture
  • International Shoppe T1 JFK should close because of COVID-19
    International Shoppes should close it’s shops in Terminal 1 (JFK) during the coronavirus quarantine.
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    Created by Angela Lin
  • GameStop Needs To Suspend All Business Until Further Notice
    GameStop should suspend all business hours, at every location, while continuing to pay hourly and salary workers, during the spread of the coronavirus.
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    Created by Bre S
  • Irvine Company in California should close due to coronavirus
    Close all office locations due to coronavirus
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    Created by Bob Johnson
  • Suspend Starbucks business until further notice, due to the Coronavirus
    Starbucks should suspend all business hours, at every location, while continuing to pay hourly and salary workers, during the spread of the coronavirus.
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