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  • Ban Thanksgiving store openings
    Toys R Us should a be at the forefront of banning store openings on Thanksgiving day. For a company to state that they value families and create an environment dedicated to raising a family, and focus so much resources in advertising directed to the kids, Toys R Us should honor that by giving the employees of their stores Thanksgiving day off to spend with their families. Many of us that work at Toys R Us have children, children we won't be able be with because of corporate greed. Many of those employees are also working long hours at a minimum wage, forcing those that work for this hypocritical corporation to stay complacent to the scraps that are tossed their way. With all the stress that is placed to be ready by upper management, we get little appreciation or sympathy for our hard work.
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    Created by Guy Fawkes
  • ALL Retail stores should close on Thanksgiving Day
    Family is the most important part of our lives, and Thanksgiving is one of those few special moments when families across the country get to sit down for a meal and spend time together. But every year, more and more of our families are missing us because retail stores are staying open and forcing employees to work through the holiday. We work HARD all year to put food on our families’ tables – we deserve to be able to enjoy this quality time with them. We are calling on all retail stores to let us spend this time with our families and stay closed on Thanksgiving Day! Sign below to tell Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree and all other retailers that employees deserve to be with our families for the holidays. Trish Rose, Dollar Tree
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    Created by Trish Rose Picture
  • Shorter shifts on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
    5 hour shifts on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
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    Created by Andres Munoz
  • Best Buy and other Corporate Businesses to be closed Thanksgiving
    Close their doors on Thanksgiving and be open online that way their employees who did not "volunteer" to work on Thanksgiving and have as little as 4 hours between shifts to have off and spend time with their Families.
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    Created by ashley ambrosio
  • Kmart: Allow Employees Time Off On Thanksgiving Day
    Kmart has announced that it plans to keep its stores open for 42 hours straight from Thanksgiving though Black Friday this year. It appears Kmart will be the store that is open the earliest on Thanksgiving. Kmart employees, like my Mom, will be forced to miss important time with their families on Thanksgiving. I’m asking Kmart to commit to allowing employees to request Thanksgiving day off and to rely only on volunteer employees.
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    Created by Jillian Fisher Picture
  • Kmart: Show your thanks for employees this holiday season!
    As of early November 2015, Kmart employees like my mom still don’t know if they will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. For Thanksgiving this year, I’m asking Kmart’s leadership to show thanks to its employees by doing the following: 1) Tell employees the chain’s Thanksgiving hours NOW; 2) Rely on employee volunteers to staff any Thanksgiving Day shifts; 3) Give employees two weeks notice of their schedules for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and don't change schedules last minute.
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    Created by Jillian Fisher Picture
  • Let us have our holidays
    I would greatly appreciate being able to spend time with my family on holidays. I want Starbucks Coffee to shut down the stores on holidays. Its not fair and business is slow enough.
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    Created by Kenya Johnson
  • KOHLS: Petition for Holiday time off.
    Allow employees time off to spend with their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
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    Created by mike powers
  • Country Inn workers deserve severance pay
    Help financially with the displaced workers they caused by the sudden closure of Country Inn restaurant in Warren, Rhode Island.
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    Created by Mark MacKenzie
  • No Holiday Work at Carvana!
    Stop forcing loyal employees to work into holidays, night shift in particular.
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    Created by Cherrelle Townsend
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