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To: Salt Lake City Airport Ground Transportation, Utah State Attorney Generals Office, Uber and Lyft

SLC Utah Airport Uber Lyft waiting lot

Uber and Lyft drivers are being subject to inhumane heat high temperatures during the summer time with the new Uber Lyft waiting lot at the airport due to airport and county and state and city regulations we can’t idle a vehicle for more than two minutes so that means we can turn our car on hope it gets the temperature gives us cool AC for two minutes at a time but when it’s 104 or 105° out like it is in the summertime here we are are being subjected to extreme inhumane conditions and health risks of heat stroke and more.

This one used to be the old taxi waiting lot and yeah it was hot also then but there also was a tree line that provided shade and protection a little bit now there’s none of that there’s if we’re not waiting in that lot we can’t get a ride if we wait in the lot then we are subject to heat stroke being rushed to the hospital not being able to complete a trip that we do wait to get or even worse.

If it was the airport or the city that requested the lot and told Uber to change and Lyft to change the waiting Q area then the airport should be responsible for putting umbrellas tents pop-ups canopies some shelter that is safe to sit in that will give us shade and treat us as humans.

You would not leave your dog or pet or children in a hot car when it’s 100° out in the desert so why are you subjecting any adult humans to this either sure we could sit there with our air conditioning on and break the environmental regulations and laws and stay cool in our air condition vehicles but clearly the airport of Salt Lake City Utah and Uber and Lyft did not think this process through.

Yes sure you could say we could bring our own canopies or tents or umbrellas to keep ourselves in the shade but that’s just unrealistic if the airport is supplying that lot for Uber and lyft drivers to use and we are paying a fee every time we go in and out of the airport to pick someone up and drop someone off and we are being regulated now by the airport not just the state then we should have some protection for the fees that we are paying because somebody is going to get seriously injured due to heat stroke or something that has to do with the elements of the conditions that we are being subjected to now.

So I ask you to please sign this petition and I will make sure that it gets to the appropriate parties that will be responsible for taking care of this issue and if they don’t take care of this Issue then all the parties above could be held legally liable if something happens to someone due to these conditions

Thank you please sign.

Why is this important?

For our rights as humans to be treated fairly and not be left outside in the heat to die.

How it will be delivered

I’ll email it and send a printed copy to uber Lyft the Airport and if needed the AG of Utah office


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