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To: Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman

Stop PMG DeJoy: Protect the USPS and Election Integrity

We call on you to exercise your power under North Carolina law to pursue an investigation of DeJoy and bring appropriate charges against him. There is compelling evidence for you to reverse your earlier position to not pursue an investigation. We implore you to seek justice for the residents of our state.

Why is this important?

We North Carolinians for Voting Integrity in State Elections and Defense of the Public Postal Service, the postal public, along with our neighbors, families, postal workers and the wider community, continue to be distressed by the intentional deterioration of the service provided by the USPS, considered by most of us to be a national treasure. Under the mis-leadership of PMG Louis DeJoy postal jobs have become more difficult while the decreased service standards make social communications and commercial life more difficult. DeJoy’s 10 Year Plan, includes the rotten apple of deliberate slowdown of first class mail which, if implemented, guarantees the continued worsening of this situation.

PMG DeJoy has also, predating his appointment, contributed to the attack on democracy by engaging in multiple “straw-donor” schemes that are blatant violations of campaign finance laws. He’s thus aided in the election of candidates that are now working hard to restrict voting rights. Primarily an attack on voters of color, it impacts all working people and must be stopped.

His corruption seems to have no limits as revealed by the recent reports of his purchasing $300,0000 in bonds from a company owned in part by Ron Bloom, chairperson of the Postal Board of Governors, that has the power to hire and fire the Postmaster General. The Justice Department is investigating his activities in relation to Federal election violations. 20 state Attorney Generals, including NC’s own Josh Stein, have signed a letter to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) bemoaning the service standards And the PRC has issued its Official Opinion strongly opposing DeJoy’s slowdown of first class mail, too. We cannot allow him to continue to negatively impact our lives.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver in person with a possible press conference. With copies to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.


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