Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Stop Tip Theft: Our Tips Belong To Us!
    The Congressional budget bill now includes a provision to protect tips as the property of workers! Following the momentum of 350,000 restaurant workers, their allies, and YOU coming together to push back on Trump’s proposed rule to make tips the property of workers—and Sec. of Labor Acosta admitting that tips should be the property of workers—restaurant workers and allies are now poised to celebrate. Today, Congress included in its omnibus budget bill a provision that will codify protections for tipped restaurant workers against employers, supervisors, and managers taking any portion of their tips. Let’s keep the momentum going!
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    Created by James Conway
  • Wells Fargo: End the Obsession with Sales Goals
    Wells Fargo has announced it's eliminating product sales goals. Read more, here:
    11,731 Signatures
    Created by Khalid Taha
  • Starbucks: Dads need time to bond with their babies too!
    WE WON! Starbucks announced on January 24, 2018 that it is finally going to offer paid parental leave to all employees. Partners will have some protected, paid time to welcome new children to their lives. Starbucks is only one company, but it’s a leader and many other companies follow its example when it comes to how to treat employees. Starbucks is still giving its corporate executives MUCH more parental leave than it gives everyone else (corporate moms still get 3x the leave as baristas, and corporate dads get 2x more) but now, nobody is left out.
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    Created by Ryk and PL+US
  • Pay Us What We're Owed
    This has almost 5 THOUSAND signatures and I can't thank you guys enough. We were just awarded our ENTIRE pay in 2 increments! My staff and I can finally rid our hands of this company and start moving on and picking up the pieces in full! #SpeakOut I will never apologize for being outspoken. It's gotten me extremely far in life. Thank you to my friends on and off Facebook who helped my staff and I get to where we are now and everyone else who signed our petition. You're aren't unnoticed. If you've been mistreated by your restaurant employer and need some support, reach out to the Restaurant Opportunities Center ( and they'll be able to help you out as well. Thank you once again! Have a nice day!
    4,591 Signatures
    Created by ROC United Picture
  • Coffee Tree: Stop Violating Basic Workers' Rights
    In September 2017, the Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) found that Ryan Lee is guilty of first degree violation of wage theft and retaliation. For two years, Ryan Lee will be required to collaborate with OLS to check for lawful employee treatment; review documentation; submit financial statements twice/year. Within six months, the owner is required to attend Management Training with the Business Liaison at OLS. Future employees will be notified of their rights through mandated labor standards posters. This agreement is approved for public disclosure.
    300 Signatures
    Created by Jhenn Whalen Picture
  • KEEN: Your employees deserve paid parental leave
    UPDATE: After thousands of customers and employees joined this campaign, KEEN Footwear announced in November 2015 that it will now provide four weeks of paid parental leave to all new parents -- including moms, dads and parents of adopted children. That’s a big improvement from only six weeks of short term disability at 60% just for new moms. This additional paid leave means that many workers will be able to spend more time caring for their families. Thank you to all who have joined the campaign! At the same time, KEEN is a company that wants to stay competitive and can do more. We asked the company to provide eight weeks of paid leave because many of KEEN’s competitors offer at least that much. Even city employees in Portland, where KEEN is headquartered, now receive more paid parental leave than KEEN will offer. Please continue to join the campaign to show support for an even more generous policy!
    8,149 Signatures
    Created by Members of Democracy for America
  • Matchbox: Respect Your Workers' Rights to Organize!
    We are pleased to announce that the #Matchbox5 have reached a settlement with Matchbox to resolve their claim that Matchbox fired them in retaliation for defending their rights at work. In addition to a monetary settlement, as part of the settlement through the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Matchbox will post bilingual notices of their workers’ rights to organize and take collective action to improve working conditions at both their Chinatown and Pentagon City locations for the next 60 days. Find out all the details here:
    1,726 Signatures
    Created by Ana Hernandez
  • Save the Met Opera
    Friends, thanks to your unwavering support, we saved the Metropolitan Opera! Final union agreements were reached on August 21st while staying true to our message: We tightened our belts, and the Met Opera management cut up their credit cards. We are proud of IATSE members for their bravery in the face of potential lockout – and we are also humbled by your immense support for the Save the Met Opera campaign. Thank you! The 2014-2015 season kicks off on September 22nd with a new production of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro and will include 221 performances of 26 operas in six new productions and 18 revivals. Learn more about the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the union behind the scenes of the Met Opera, by visiting our website (, Facebook page (, and Twitter (
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    Created by Joe Hartnett
  • Chittenden County Bus Drivers Have Our Support
    Chittenden County bus drivers and the Green Mountain Transit Board of Commissioners reached a new collective bargaining agreement with a five-year contract starting July 1. The contract gives drivers a 14% pay increase spread over the five years. Thanks to all who supported the bus drivers!
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    Created by Vermont NEA Picture
  • Pay support staff what they deserve!
    As of today, Tupelo Honey Cafe has raised the wages of support staff in their downtown Asheville, Raleigh and Virginia Beach locations back to $5.15 per hour. I’m incredibly proud of the success of this campaign and more than ever, I am convinced of the power working people have when they stand up and work together to demand more. When it comes to workers’ rights, I believe we have to take power and create voice – those things are not handed to us. Food service activism is on the rise, though addressing workplace conditions within the restaurant industry is a fairly new phenomenon. My hope is that our small victory is one of thousands of small victories that ultimately will change the way workers view their ability to speak up and shape their working conditions. -- Alia Todd
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    Created by Alia Todd and Hayley Ingram