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T-Mobile, let us spend the holidays with our families

T-Mobile, let us spend the holidays with our families

T-Mobile, make work on Christmas Day voluntary everywhere!

Why is this important?

We are T-Mobile workers from various locations in the country. All we want for Christmas is to be able to spend time with our family and loved ones.

But T-Mobile is forcing representatives in some locations to work on Christmas Day.

Working the holidays should be on a volunteer basis. There are plenty of workers wanting overtime

Please sign and share this petition, whether you work for T-Mobile, or you just care about the morals of your cell phone provider, so that we can show T-Mobile's CEO John Legere that it is not acceptable to force it's employees to work on Christmas Day.

Thank you,

Amanda Fanning, Albuquerque
Angela Simler, Wichita
Rebecca Disbrow, Meridian

Reasons for signing

  • Should be optional. Can't take away people's lives. That's bad business.
  • Tell these businesses you will shop elsewhere because of their policy, and perhaps they'll get the message!
  • Because i work for Deutsche Telekom, and ive got Freetime! I can decide to work, if i want


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