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To: Tazza d'Oro

Tazza d'Oro Barista Solidarity Petition

We the baristas of Tazza d’Oro made the following requests, which we asked be met before we agree to return to work at any of the Tazza d’Oro locations (including CMU locations and Highland Park). These requests are long-term, not just for the duration of COVID19. These requests are not meant to be combative - we as invested employees would like to be well equipped before returning in order to do our job well. While Tazza d'Oro management did respond, they did not address the majority of our requests and neglected to give concrete answers when they did respond. In order to meet our requests, management needs to respond to each one listed below, or indicate a willingness to sit down and negotiate with the baristas of Tazza d'Oro.

The following are the requests we made.

-(*ADDED*) To simply be able to have a conversation with our owner, Amy. She has thus far dodged having any true communication, which would allow us to further discuss the remaining demands.

-Health Insurance - We request health insurance be provided to all employees. It is a basic human right and most baristas cannot afford it on their own.
-The raises promised prior to COVID19 - We request that the raises we were promised prior to COVID19 happening be applied. We also request to have a clear understanding of what raises we each will receive, as this information was never conveyed.
-Paid Time Off - We request clear information regarding our sick leave allowance and an updated employee handbook with that indicated. Sick days were meant to be required for all businesses on March 15, and we have not been given any information about the determination on how many days we each will receive.
-Hazard Pay - We request that we receive hazard pay at all locations until the danger of COVID19 has truly passed, according to medical professionals and scientists. As baristas, we come in contact with many people, some of whom are not local. We refuse to come back if we are not paid an additional 30 cents to each dollar of our regular pay.
-We request clear security actions taken to protect baristas from customers. Beyond providing us PPE and installing plexiglass, we also request that all customers clearly be required to wear a mask when they come into the stores.
-We request a clear outline of how the hours and pay for the security training will be handled in order to ensure that all baristas can maintain unemployment benefits.

Why is this important?

Why are we making these requests? We all care deeply about Tazza d’Oro and the people that we serve, but we cannot continue to work if it is unsafe and our basic needs aren’t met (ie. health insurance and clear status’ of pay). We want to continue to work at Tazza d’Oro, but we want it to be a better work environment, one that is safe for ourselves and customers. Many of these requests were in front of mind prior to COVID19, but the pandemic has made their need even clearer.

Again - we love our jobs. We would like to return. We just request that we are treated with transparency from management and dignity, as we the baristas provide the efficacy and sustainability of the company.


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