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To: Jordan Brown, Lugg CEO and Eric Kreutzer, Lugg co-Founder

Treat Luggers with Dignity and Respect

Lugg is a tech company that prides itself on moving anything with the push of a button. But the movers being pushed around, threatened, abused, and constantly mistreated by Lugg, is what comes from pushing that button.

This must stop NOW!

We demand that Lugg makes these improvements immediately:

1. Have a progressive discipline model, clearly stated reasons for deactivation, and a transparent appeal process.

2. Allow customer reviews to be individual to each worker, and allow workers to rank customers.

3. Allow workers to decline jobs, match job size correctly with actual customer needs, and renegotiate payment when the work requested does not match the work needed.

4. Do not schedule workers and don’t ask them to start earlier when there are no jobs. If you have workers waiting for jobs, pay them for being on-call, or allow them to clock-out without penalty.

5. Do not punish workers for pausing or cancelling a scheduled shift when:
-Taking bathroom and lunch breaks
-Attending to health-related matters
-Addressing vehicle malfunctions
-There are no jobs available during the shift
-Attending family-related matters
- Stopping for gas

Why is this important?

We are a group of Luggers who want to help Lugg become a better workplace: Happy Luggers, happy customers, happy investors.

Luggers are the marketers, ambassadors, and promoters of your company. We interphase with customers all day, and we want to do a good job every time. We are professional and hard workers. However, Lugg makes our lives unnecessarily miserable every day at work.

Drivers and helpers sometimes get deactivated without knowing why, and Lugg has a practice of cancelling work shifts as punishment. When we ask for clarification, we get ignored, scolded, and belittled. We take working at Lugg seriously, and we are willing to put in all the energy and endless hours because we need the job, it is a main source of income for us and our families. When we are deactivated, we fall behind on our bills, and it hurts our livelihood, which is demoralizing.

We invest so much of our time to working for Lugg, that we give up on other jobs, and other opportunities for making income. Sometimes there are no jobs provided during our scheduled shifts with Lugg, and we end up having to be on-call, waiting for jobs that never come, without pay. If we request to clock-out while waiting, we are told that we are the only crew available, and that we need to stop spamming with our request. If we insist, we get ignored. We don’t want to clock-out, we want to work, we need income! But we fear being kicked out of the platform for asking Lugg to free-up our time when they don’t give us work.

Lugg has a policy of cancelling all future shifts as punishment for pausing or stopping work with no consideration for the circumstances, if we don’t do it 24 hours in advance. One Lugger had a family member in the hospital fighting for life, and needed to attend this emergency, so he notified Lugg asking to get the rest of that day off. Lugg deleted all future shifts and restricted him from scheduling work for a week, leaving him with no income in the middle of his medical emergency. Another Lugger suffered a small accident while on-the-job, hurting his foot. He finished his shift with his foot hurt, and asked Lugg for a couple days off to recover, but Lugg cancelled all of his future shifts as punishment, anyway. We have to beg Lugg for a couple minutes to use the bathroom or take a break, as they are tracking us at every moment and every place where we are.

We always work in pairs. Customers are only able to review both workers together with the same ranking applying to both, even if one may have performed better or worse than the other. This ranking affects our opportunity for higher pay and better shifts.

Lugg assigns work shifts based on a priority system. Workers with Priority 1 get the first pick on shifts and a higher pay. To escalate from priority 3 to 2 to 1, a worker must maintain a high customer ranking individually, but the ranking affects both Luggers.

Our lives are full of uncertainty, not knowing when Lugg may terminate us on a whim, or when we may get a negative review because of someone else’s performance, and lose our job. We suffer high levels of stress, with no health insurance. Many of us are responsible for our children’s future. Jordan Brown, Lugg CEO, as a new parent would understand the importance of steady income to support our kids. We have to pay rent, take care of ourselves. We are very frustrated but we want to make it work. If these things are fixed, the quality of our lives can improve, and our happiness will increase: Happy Luggers, happy customers, happy investors.

Whether you are a driver, a helper, a customer, or a member of the community, we invite you to support our effort to demand that Lugg improves the way it treats its workers. Thank you!


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