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To: Uber

Trip requests outside airport queue while in airport

While we are queued in at the airports and after waiting for a trip we will receive trip requests outside the airport! This needs to be fixed so that while we are queued in at the airport we do not receive requests to pickup outside the airport!

Why is this important?

We will receive random text alerts telling us to head over to airport staging area! Once we drive all the way over there, pay the toll, wait several minutes and just before we are next in line we get a trip request that causes us to leave the airport, lose the money we paid in tolls and the time we waited for our airport run is wasted, and if we do not accept the request, it ruins our acceptance rating and if you do not accept 2 in a row the system throws you off line for 10 minutes causing us to lose all that time and to get in the back of the rotation! If we accept the request and cancel it ruins our rating and keeps us from certain promotions! The fact that I drove to the airport demonstrates that I want an airport trip, if I wanted to pickup trips outside the airport I would leave the airport and turn on the app!

Reasons for signing

  • I just waited in airport que for an hour and half finally got a trip but was ten minutes away and a three $ fair returned to airport and was put at the end of the line the app was giving 2 que waiting times
  • Because if I wanted to run locals, I'd go back to driving cabs. Like everyone else, I'm in the queue waiting on the home run, not the run home
  • Too many sanitation sent by uber


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