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To: Delta Air Lines, Inc. Board Members and Joanne Smith - Human Resource

Voices are louder together - Stop all harassment at Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Corporations' abuse of power needs to stop! Most importantly, victims' lives forever change when subjected to sexual misconduct. Acts of sexual harassment and assault violate employees’ dignity as human beings.

Delta needs to take these and all allegations seriously. Corporate memos stating “zero tolerance” but then doing nothing are not the answer. Join me in demanding Delta Air Lines acknowledge their sexual misconduct and harassment problems and take REAL immediate action to fix it.

Why is this important?

During my time at Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) the culture was extremely tolerant of a sexual environment and acceptable harassment. Many employees across the company in all different departments have expressed similar situations and environments.

Several employees including supervisors attempted to report incidents to the Station Manager and human resource department. After reporting incidents, employees were fired, harassed and/or retaliated against.

When this action by Delta was acceptable, other employees have felt powerless to speak up for themselves and address the situation. HR does not do enough to protect employees from workplace harm.

One employee cannot fight against these big bullies alone. Employees cannot be afraid to speak up.

I personally have lost my career and my life stopped once I was subjected to sexual assault at work. This should not have to happen to one more person!

Delta must be held accountable for its harassment problem and create a safe, respectful work environment.

(these are views and opinions of the author based on personal experience)

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To Board Members and Shareholders

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  • I was a victim of sexual content and harassing behavior from a lead and management was told One supervisor admitted and HR abruptly ended the conversation as soon as supervisor confirmed my complain
  • Off color jokes and juvenile behavior toward women as an adolescent would behave.
  • Real men dont act like this. Guys do. ( Neanderthals !!!!!!!


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