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To: Walmart

Walmart associate protection covid19

Walmart puts social distancing and customer limits in place, April 2020

HOW CAN WALMART keep it's associates and customers SAFER.

To be safer they could limit how many people are in store at a time so that they could have a safe distance. Also they could limit to just one person not the whole family and they could set up lines like Thanksgiving with at least 5 feet between each of them. Then the person loads belt at the end only...cashiers load an empty cart with their groceries and they only come down to the register when it is time to pay and we step back. Things will go slower and Walmart won't make as much money as fast but we will all be safer. Also cleaning the store once at night provides minimal aide in spreading virus in never ending congested lines all in the frontend of a store. Maintenance is minimal durring the day. Paper towels and cleaning products need to be abundantly available to staff. Someone needs to be continuously cleaning register areas while cashiers are busy ringing customers.

Why is this important?

To keep associates and customers safe and following the regulations of state and Federal government.

Reasons for signing

  • Walmart is not doing enough to take care of their employees. They have insufficient ppe for employees. They should have proper nitrile gloves for all employees and masks for maintenance that have to clean. Especially since maintenance now has stronger cleaners that should not be inhaled and they are at more of a risk by cleaning the bathrooms.
  • Solidarity with my fellow workers
  • I am cashier with friends who has babies. I also have old grandma's. I am 20 and will be able to fight it but I want to protect the ones I love the most.


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