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To: Walmart dc 6011 Leadership

Associate Rights on the job.

Give a voice in our field that we work in without receiving retaliation
Be respectful and reasonable of our families and life’s at home
Make sure we get reasonable pay when working overtime
A reasonable breaks for 10-11 hr workers
Making sure the process is still the same for all new hire as they is for the people that have been there for years.
If you know someone and is kin to them if your family member do wrong they will try to fire your brother or sister for some one else mistake. I feel if the person stood up and said it them then there should be no retaliation on associate family members

Why is this important?

It’s important to have the same standard for everyone that has been there and is coming to join. Manager should be held respectful and reasonable when it come to learn new thing and coming in as a new manager. And if we the people can’t voice our opinions where is our rights. How can you be a good leader with out being a good follower. We work harder than most don’t get nothing but a 35 min break one 20 min and one 15 min it’s not fair that jobs doing way less hour Nd less work get more hour to eat than we do.
We sign up for day shift ,night shift ,or weekend day or night but we have to come in every weekend and we don’t get time an a half, holiday pay ,weekend ,or night shift pay. We feel our jobs is being threatened Because if we don’t come in on our day off that’s 2 points or more. We done went through every step we needed to help with the concerns we the associate have.

How it will be delivered

Through signatures