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To: Uber, Ubereats, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub

Sign The Petition: At Risk Drivers Deserve Sick Pay, All Drivers Do!!!

I'm hoping you guys will take a moment to read this. When I first learned about Uber (and this includes all other of these companies) I was out of hope. Like many other drivers, Uber saved my life. I was in the music business for 20 years, working long, hard 20 hour days 7 days a week, building myself the last 4 years into a record label owner. I was one of only 2 female label owners, when I started in music I was near the only woman at my level. I was being called the next Geffen and was in 8 million dollar talks building a label that was cutting edge with a goal to be artist owned and working to become the first publicly traded label, in a time when technology was running all others out of business.  My childhood dreams were within reach!

Right at the critical time, I became ill,  I was forced into 7 specialists and 13 meds. I lost my business...I had no choice, the stress was killing me, and I had to choose my health over my dreams. After all I did, being in Forbes, being featured everywhere and so many artists putting hope into me, I had to walk away. I fought 4 years for disability and when Presidents changed, so did my medical care and being able to win disability. Because I live in Georgia, medicaid also wasnt expanded. I lost my fight, had no job I could do thanks to my health, and I lost my engagement to not only someone I loved, but my support system.

I struggled through nightmare after nightmare, and then I found Uber, Ubereats actually. I was so excited. I saw your company as the future, proud to be a part of something that, like me, wanted to change the world. At first, it was amazing. I could work 4 12 hour shifts a week and make $1200. It saved me, but then there were changes, and pay lowered and lowered.  I went from 4 days to 7, still making 1200 a week, but in pain, exhausted,  falling asleep behind the wheel, sleeping in my car in 32 degrees because gas was so high the hour and a half I had to drive was taking a lot of pay. In all those hours, I was hit, cussed, a gun pulled on me, a guy tried to attack me and get in my car, called names I'd never heard out loud. Then, 9 months ago, after going through 3 used cars the job tore up, my friends raised enough money for a down payment and I went into debt $18,000 for a new car, 2 hours later my home burned down and I lost it and everything I own. I missed 2 months of work trying to find a home. Not much money was raised for that. In those 2 months, pay was lowered so much that by the time I came back, I was driving miles for $2 orders, or I'd get one for $3, and youd take $1 for insurance although I already paid for my own full coverage.

By the time I came back, even 7 12 hour days wouldnt even get me to $400 a week. Frankly I was suffering from ptsd from the fire, still am, and those long hours leaving my home were torture. Like many drivers I had to start running several apps just to get by. Keep in mind, my meds are $4000 a month.....when I have them, right now I'm going without them and drs. This obviously puts me in a spot. I've been quarantined for 9 days to protect myself from dying during this outbreak. I cant afford a dr and in my area they dont want us to bother them with coronavirus going around. The ER is out, and even if I had it, theres no tests. This means I cant give you guys a letter. This means I dont qualify for your financial help, or the government's.  I was fighting for disability in 2018. Sadly, I drug some friends in too. One a couple, hubby w heart issues, wife w dementia and cancer. They are in the same spot as me. Another, a single mom of 3, also in the same spot thanks to a skydive accident crushing her spine and hip. We arent the only ones. Uber saved a lot of people from homelessness and poverty. Sadly, now it's close to or has put us there.

Guys, I believe in the dream still. I still feel this can be something special, but we need you. I dont think you realize how many drivers are like me and my friends. We are stuck. We need help. I'm about to lose my car, car insurance and cell. All of these are my job. When I started and well into the year I worked so hard, going the extra mile, pretexting customers asking if they needed condiments,  not making them come down or out for food like other drivers, using kindness, delivering in the rain in 40 degrees. I need you guys right now. I'm sitting here with nowhere to turn. I implore you for help.

Thank you,
Your drivers that need you now

PS: I had a customer accuse me of a wreck I wasnt in costing me a weekend of work, another accused me of drinking and driving costing me 2 weeks work, about $2000 I was deactivated and lost. I STILL stayed. I've hung in there through it all, many have, where are you for us? I need your help.

Why is this important?

Us drivers have been left alone, sitting for weeks in quarantine to save our lives with no pay and unable to work. We get cussed, hit, called names, guns in our faces and treated badly for you, so why arent you now there for us? We are losing homes, cars, all we worked for. Many dont have food, a safe place to stay. We for sure cant get the tests you require, many states there are none! As for a doctors note....we are quarantined and doctors are overwhelmed, and we shouldn't have to! We've toiled to make you billions!

Please check out this amazing article to hear about other drivers in this difficult time:

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