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To: Rideshare services: Uber, Lyft, including lesser known companies such as Juno.

Cap the number of Uber/Lyft/Rideshare drivers based on the population of each city

Cap the number of Uber/Lyft/Rideshare drivers based on the population of each city

Each company needs to have a cap on the number of drivers in each city--to prevent an unnecessary influx in drivers.

This wouldn't be that hard for these companies to do.
I have a model: Uber (for example) could analyze trends in the number of Rideshares requested since development of their company. If, in a city of 440,000 people, 60,000 rideshares were requested last month, they could set a cap for, say,100 independent contractors on the rode. If someone went to apply to be an independent contractor and Uber was well past their quota for drivers in each city during, for example each season: fall, winter, spring, and summer, Uber could send a friendly message encouraging individuals to apply again next season. If an independent contractor has not logged into their app for 1 month without prior notice and confirmation of vacation from Uber, they could be denied from the driver app and told to simply apply again.
Uber could easily hire individuals to analyze the data and come up with an appropriate number of drivers needed in each city that is fair so that driver can make a modest income.

If needed, the Rideshare company could easily incentivize drivers to be on the rode more.

For example: March Madness is around and Uber notices that only 35 drivers on the rode in a particular city. Uber could easily offer bonuses to the drivers to stay on the rode longer. This protects the integrity of drivers, who, after all, are using their own vehicles, gas, and time to fuel a billion dollar industry.

Why is this important?

This promotes:

1. A sustainable wage for independent contractors working for ride-share companies.

2. Fewer C20 emissions in each city due to an extreme and unnecessary number of drivers in cities

3. The integrity and respect of the drivers who do the majority of work for billion dollar companies.

Overall, we all love our Rideshare companies. I, myself, have been both a driver and a passenger of Uber in particular. However, the work of these companies is not done, and this petition could help Rideshare companies prove that they not only care about their passengers well being, but the drivers well being as well, who help make their companies just what it is--awesome.


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