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To: Fourteen Foods

Dairy Queen

Working at Dairy Queen brings me great joy but these past few weeks have been very stressful as I and countless other employees risk our lives and the lives of our family members for nothing more then minimum wage. Not once has anyone from HR or Corporate contact us regarding what they're doing to protect us other than how their protecting their pockets. Dairy Queen hasn't reduced hours, haven't reduced contact with customers (other then closing the dining rooms which was mandatory by the government), haven't provided proper PPE NOTHING! All we ever get is memo telling us to go faster! Or how to strategies to get more customers through our drive thru. We haven't reduced our hours we are still open till 11 or even midnight on Friday and Saturdays. It's embarrassing to work for one of the top businesses and for them to think very little of their employees. Countless customers are heard through the drive thru coughing and we still have to service them. We have no notices posted asking for sick people to stay home. Instead we have a letter in the front window recognize the importance of our customers NOT the staff! We are still accepting cash which could potentially carry the cornavirus.

Why is this important?

I want for the owners, HR, or any top Fourteen Foods affiliate to recognize their employees! They "claim" to be all about family but I haven't seen 1 ounce of kindness or tenderness to us. I haven't seen them reach out and offer hazard pay or offer anything to protect us and our families. They should be ashamed of themselves. Any company still open needs to recognize their employees and show them what they are worth. Because at the end of the day we are risking our life our children lives our loved ones life to make them richer!!

I demand less hours!!!
I demand a difference in pay!!
I demand an offer to stay home!!
I demand to be respected!!
Cornavirus is very serious. These top fortune 500 companies are treating us like our lives are nothing more then disposable. IT'S SICKENING.


2020-04-02 10:36:17 -0400

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