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To: Jasmine Donovan

Dick's Drive In Demands

Dick's Drive In Demands

We are a group of Dick's employees form several different locations. We are the backbone of this beloved establishment and we want to be treated with respect.
Here are our demands:

1) Eliminate back to back shifts & implement secure scheduling

2) Keep Employees Safe though Store Cleanliness Standards and Proper Store Maintenance.

3) Address pervasive sexual harassment by providing staff and management with sexual harassment training, and take immediate steps to create a safe path to reporting sexual harassment and assault.

4) Covid protections, as outlined by King County and WA state, must be properly in place and enforced by management and their hired security, Blue Line.

Why is this important?

Schedules are posted on short notice, often only 2 days in advance, but we are expected to follow any changes without question. Because of this, we often do not have time outside of work for ourselves. This also means shifts are cut without proper notice; once we are on the schedule, we expect those hours to be on our paycheck, and the decision to cut them can be detrimental. Many of us have missed rent payments and other bills which can have a long term impact on our finances. We are negatively impacted by clopenings because of the lack of sleep and are never able to function at 100%. This can cause employees to become irritable, fatigued, and at times dangerous to ourselves and others.

The grease, water from leakage, and other liquids on the floors cause a daily slipping hazard. Handrails on the stairs are loose and splintered, while the stairs continue to lose grip due to the fry gunk built up on them. Many of us have reported slipping on the floor, resulting in more serious injuries like hitting our head, cracking ribs, and falling on the grill. The floor is just one example of the hazards that are left for employees to handle on their own and deprioritized by management.

Many of us across different locations have endured instances of sexual harassment by both staff and management over a long period of time. This has become a pervasive issue that needs to be addressed immediately. There is currently no way to safely or anonymously report, and when someone does come forward it is not taken seriously and answered with responses like ¨they’re not like that.¨ Currently, human resources is not a safe option for employees to turn to, and there is no option in the chip app to assure anonymity or confirm that any complaint will be addressed. Without anonymity there is the fear of backlash from any complaint which has led to a toxic culture of keeping people quiet.

After a few short months, management has failed to keep up with COVID guidelines. Sanitation has gone from happening hourly to a few times a day with none on night shifts, and masks aren’t being enforced with customers and staff. This has created an unsafe work environment. We are left to enforce mask-wearing with customers which causes a huge amount of stress, and are unsupported by management or security. Many of us avoid confrontation out of fear of how customers will react, putting ourselves at risk or forces coworkers to step in and away from their own work.

Reasons for signing

  • if you dont stand up for what you believe in then you are doomed to fall for anything


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