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To: H&M

H&M workers deserve good schedules and free speech in the workplace without retaliation

Set the standard for retail companies across the state of California by adopting a Fair Workweek policy that gives workers power over their lives:

° Predictable Schedules - Having an advanced two weeks notice of our schedules gives us control back into our lives.

° Opportunity to Work - Having access to consistent and stable hours, so we don’t have to struggle to keep up with the cost of living.

° Healthy Schedules - No worker should have to work a late shift and have to work an opening shift the next morning without any rest time.

° Flexibility - Flexibility among our schedules where workers can have the right to make schedule request without the fear of retaliation and termination.

° Reinstate Nick back into his role at H&M with full back pay and an apology letter.

° Make a public promise to end all retaliation against workers and whistleblowers.

Why is this important?

In August 2019, H&M management terminated sales associate Nick Gallant after he began exposing safety violations in the workplace and started educating his co-workers on their rights under the new fair work week laws in San Francisco and Emeryville, California.

That’s why we need you to sign this petition and call on H&M to Bring Nick Back, to stop retaliating against workers, and to give all California H&M associates a Fair Workweek.

**United for Respect (UFR) is a national non-profit organization. UFR is a multiracial movement of working people throughout the U.S. advancing a vision of an economy where our work is respected and our humanity recognized. UFR is not a labor union and does not intend or seek to represent retail employees over terms and conditions of employment, or to bargain with retail employers.



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