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To: Hackensack Meridian Health, CEO Bob Garrett, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Hackensack Meridian: Give Us Masks, Not Pink Slips.

Healthcare workers are the heroes on the front lines of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, often going above and beyond the call of duty to save lives. While medical staff makes sacrifices that place their own health and safety at risk, the executives of Hackensack Meridian Health, protected in their corporate offices, have targeted the unionized and non-unionized healthcare workers speaking out about working conditions. Through discipline, threats, and terminations management is attempting to silence those who are standing up for the safety of their patients, their colleagues, and themselves.

Why is this important?

Adam Witt, President of HPAE Local 5058 at HMH Jersey Shore University Medical Center:

"I began to pursue a career in nursing after watching the response to Hurricane Katrina on TV. I felt helpless and heart broken as I watched so many struggle. Years later, I’m an emergency department nurse in the midst of a health crisis. This is exactly why I became an RN. My job, as a nurse, is to advocate for my patients. My job, as a union president, is to advocate for our union members and all staff.

Management is trying to squash my efforts in ensuring protection for all of us, firing me when our community needs all of us. Administration is punishing nurses for speaking out, rather than listening to the front line staff’s demands for the protections we need so we can stay healthy while saving lives. It's a terrifying thought, but if we get sick, who will be there to take care of you or your loved ones?"

We, the undersigned community members, demand that Hackensack Meridian Health ensures healthcare workers have the resources and protections they need to continue to provide safe care and treatment during these unprecedented times. We demand that Hackensack Meridian bring back their front line workers who have been suspended, wrongfully terminated, and retaliated against for speaking out on behalf of all those who need care and protection during this crisis.

Hackensack Meridian, put an end to retaliatory actions and focus on protecting workers and patients by providing all staff with:

Appropriate and Accessible PPE and Safety Equipment
Accessible and Timely Covid Testing
Paid Time Off for ALL Quarantined Healthcare Workers
Accessible Childcare
Hazard Pay on All Hours Worked
Fix the PTO that was Audited During a Pandemic

Prove that corporate healthcare can have a heart. For more on this, please read:



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