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To: Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz, Meet With Your Baristas!

We are a group of Starbucks baristas in Seattle who want to improve our jobs. We love working at Starbucks, which is why we are committed to speaking up about the issues we see at work. We have been asking Howard Schultz to meet with us and treat us like true partners.

Why is this important?

Our schedules constantly change, many of us struggle to get enough work hours, we can't plan our lives around our jobs, and we find it difficult if not impossible to call out sick because of the difficulty of finding coverage. These things contribute to a stressful work environment and decrease morale at our stores. We've seen great, hardworking coworkers leave the company for these reasons. We, the baristas of Starbucks, experience these things firsthand, and we are the very people within the company who should be proposing solutions. We want to talk to Howard Schultz in person, and have a conversation about how we can move forward together to make Starbucks better. Please sign on in support!


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