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To: Kickstarter CEO Aziz Hasan and Senior Leadership

It’s Time to Recognize the Kickstarter Union

We, the undersigned, demand that Kickstarter’s senior leadership team, led by CEO Aziz Hasan, voluntarily recognize Kickstarter United.

For the last year, employees at Kickstarter have been organizing with OPEIU Local 153, under the banner of Kickstarter United. On October 2, 2019, after garnering a majority of support within the company, Kickstarter United formally asked CEO Aziz Hasan to recognize the union. He has failed to do so.

Senior leadership at Kickstarter has made it resoundingly clear where they stand: they have publicly opposed workers’ organizing efforts, have repeatedly refused to recognize the union, and have even terminated three of their employees in retaliation for their work with Kickstarter United.

Now the Kickstarter employees stand in solidarity, poised to radically democratize the way a tech workplace can operate. We in the Kickstarter community and tech industry stand with them!

Sign the petition, share it on social media, and visit the Kickstarter United website to learn more about their campaign, values, and ways in which we all can support the effort!

In Solidarity,
Game Workers Unite International

Why is this important?

As Game Workers Unite co-founder and tech industry labor organizer Emma Kinema said in her recent XOXO speech, Kickstarter's mission to democratize the way in which people create art, music, games, tech, and writing is a noble and important pursuit, and it is only natural that it is at Kickstarter where we are seeing one of the first tangible signs of democratizing a tech industry workplace through unionization.

Workers throughout tech, games, and many traditionally unorganized industries are watching, cheering on, and standing with the workers of Kickstarter in solidarity.

Kickstarter United has sparked all of our imaginations and have our fullest support. Stand with them today!




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Watch Emma’s speech from XOXO, where she discusses the importance of Kickstarter United’s campaign: