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To: CEO Richard Morris (IWG PLC, Regus, Spaces, HQ)

IWG ACT NOW: Close your Centres! (Regus, Spaces, HQ & other IWG centres)

IWG ACT NOW: Close your Centres! (Regus, Spaces, HQ & other IWG centres)

IWG, We ask that the following steps are taken:

1- Freeze Rents & Memberships or provide substantial discounts.
2- Close all centres immediately, but leaving access for key-workers if necessary.
3- Keep all CA's, CM's as well as Sales Staff at home and paid for as the retention scheme should be able to cover 80% wages. Centres can operate normally like any weekend.
4- Waive any cancellation fees during this period for companies struggling financially.

Why is this important?

After the government announcement on the 23rd of March, unprecedented measures were announced that no one should be leaving their homes unless for exercise, essential travels, shopping or if they are Key Workers going to work.

Today, IWG centres remains open; Profiteering from companies during this global pandemic whilst asking their landlord for a 3 months grace period. IWG has not only decided to profit before staff’s welfare, they also gone against their Exceptional Service Statement” – “We exist to help modern, ambitious business work where, when and how they want.” – During this pandemic, small & medium size companies are making loss and struggling financially whilst locked into a long-term contract unable to leave with no relief or discounts.

IWG employees are also forced to decide between working, or to taking holiday leave to get paid. Despite the UK government announcing that they will cover 80% salaries for those who must stay home. IWG employees are not key workers and should be forced to stay home.

IWG centres are open 24/7 for members with private office spaces, with the front help-desk open Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm. During this pandemic, IWG can close their front help-desk and centres, but leaving it open to clients who are key-workers which is showing their support to key-workers during these tough times. We ask that IWG reconsiders their situation and provide support to their employees and clients.

Reasons for signing

  • It's DISGUSTING that companies like Spaces, Regus, HQ, No18 and Basepoint have EMPTY offices in lockdown but are making staff come into work! Staff are being forced they have to take holiday, or UNPAID leave if they need to self isolate! These companies wont close as the government hasn't told them to, meaning they are profiteering of staff, as they don't have to pay the 80% government salaries! To top it off, they have NOT even provided staff with sanitiser, gloves, masks.
  • I work for iwg. Am not a key worker.
  • Workers should be at home as advised by government to protect NHS!!!!!


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500 signatures reached

2020-03-26 08:19:29 -0400

Hi All,

Thank you for your support so far! we are aiming to reach 600 votes before we make contact to Richard Morris. Here are a few updated proposals we will be making:

1# Close all Centres immediately, but allowing access for Key-workers to go in. This is a way how IWG could show their support to both clients and communities.
2# Freeze Rents or provide substantial discounts
3# IWG has recently offered some of their staffs 2 choices; 1 to go into work, 2 to take the retention scheme and get paid 80%. However, a lot of staffs can't afford to live off 80% and decided to go in. IWG set the deadline for the scheme to be 25th March, which has now ended. For those working, should they have to now isolate, they will not be protected financially. We are also made aware a lot of staffs are still forced to go into work.
4# Waive cancellation fees for companies struggling financially.

To make any suggestions or to participate, email us at

2020-03-25 15:13:59 -0400

We are disappointed to see IWG Officials are not supporting their clients during these difficult times and are still keeping ALL their centres open. With employees working at each centres. Please share and spread the word to ask IWG to close all centres, providing discount, waiving fees or freezing memberships. However, understanding that a small handful of centres may have Key workers, they should allow access for any Key workers that may need to go in for FREE!. #SupportYourCommunity

2020-03-24 13:22:23 -0400

We are pleased to announce that IWG employees will now be offered Job Retention Schemes giving them an option to stay at home and receive 80% salary.

However, it is disappointing that they are still keeping centres open and employees will still be compelled to go into work to survive financially to get the full 100%. It is said due to the offices being used by Key Workers, they will be keeping centres open.

What could be done is centre closures and freezing memberships/providing discount, but allow key workers to still go in if necessary. IWG are finding ways to make profit out of clients by going against their ethics as advertised on their websites. We have heard so many stories of how clients are being affected both mentally and financially and how lot of companies are being forced to go into administration.

If you would like to take part or would like to share your story, which we will personally send to Richard Morrison, please email us on

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