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To: CEO of Taco Bell

Taco Bell Pay

I’ve worked for Taco Bell for almost a year and there are more employees that have worked there for for about 24 years. After becoming a manager I realize how little everyone is paid. As a manager I am only allowed to hire at $13 - $13.50 an hour. All of our neighboring stores and restaurants pay $2 - $3 more that Taco Bell offers. After trying to talk to my area coach nothing changes. It’s hard to keep staff and the ones who do stay don’t work as hard because of the pay.

Pay isn’t the only issue; we are one of the few stores who don’t have a GM or and AGM. As just a shift lead/manager, I have stepped up and taken over many of the duties. Anytime I ask for help or bring issues to my area coach for support I am given none.

All I’ve asked for is help because I’ve not had any of the right training, me and the only other manager in my store have been told numerous times that we would have the help we need and we have not received any at all.

Why is this important?

This issue is very important to me because Taco Bell has been my dream job since I was six years old. This experience I’ve had with them is the worst out of my whole job history. There is a lady who has worked there for up to 23 years who does not get paid even close to enough. Me and the only other manager at my store get treated very poorly by our boss and staff with no way to get help. It’s hard to get people to apply and work there because of the pay, and it’s hard to even make a living with only $13 an hour as a cook and $15 as a manager. Any other stores around us pay up to $18 an hour for management with way less responsibility. Even if I can’t get the pay I would love to be able to help future employees of Taco Bell get the pay that is right for them, and to keep employees' and customers' experiences great!


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