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To: UnityPoint Health - Meriter, CC Governor Evers & DHS Secretary Andrea Palm

Meriter Hospital Workers Demand Respect!

We, the workers of Meriter Hospital, demand that our employer care for us, as we care for our patients through the COVID-19 pandemic!

Through immense struggle, sacrifice, and risk to our families and ourselves, we labor on the front lines of this pandemic to keep our community safe. In order to stay healthy and to keep our families afloat, we are demanding the following:

*Additional paid sick leave for all workers. No employee who falls ill or loses work while combating COVID-19 should lose pay, benefits, or be negatively impacted in any way at their job.

*Fairness and transparency around PPE. We are fully aware of the nation-wide shortage of life-saving PPE. However, when information is withheld from us about PPE, the only results are confusion and division. Furthermore, we expect our employer to join us in our efforts to publicly demand action from our elected officials to address the PPE shortage.

*Hazard Pay and Increased Staffing Resources. We are insufficiently staffed even during normal times. Right now, no expense should be spared to ensure safe staffing levels. This means hazard pay to compensate us for risking our lives and our families' lives, and additional incentives for picking up extra shifts.

*Management must heed the concerns of workers who are working outside of their normal area of the hospital. We are committed to providing safe patient care to all, but we need the training, tools, and assistance required to do so.

We are committed to defending our community against COVID-19. We stand united to demand what is necessary to combat this pandemic. Healthcare workers must be protected and made safe for our community to persevere.

Why is this important?

As healthcare workers, we are experts at providing care to others. To make it through the COVID-19 pandemic, we must also advocate for each other.

If we are not safe and our voices are not respected, then our patients are not safe.

Please join us in signing your name and encourage all your coworkers to do the same!



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