To: Amazon and AWS Clients

No Tech For ICE

No Tech For ICE

Amazon: cancel your contracts with ICE
AWS Clients: cancel your contracts with AWS as long as AWS contracts with ICE.

Why is this important?

We are demanding that Amazon sever their relationship with ICE. As long as Amazon refuses to comply, we call on other AWS clients to cancel their contracts.

As tech workers we stand together to say we condemn a company that chooses to be complicit in fueling the deportation crisis.

Why target Amazon?

Amazon's cloud services, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS), are a crucial component of ICE's technical infrastructure. AWS is also the backbone of Palantir, a digital surveillance company that provides ICE (and others) with software that helps them track, detain, and deport immigrants.

These connections aren't passive—Amazon has actively lobbied ICE (and CBP: Customs and Border Protection) to use its Rekognition software, controversial surveillance technology that performs real-time facial scanning.

Although Amazon isn't the only tech company in bed with ICE, it has the largest role—as the computing engine of the federal government's immigration and law enforcement dragnet.

It's time to hold Amazon accountable. Amazon is one of the world's largest, richest, and most powerful companies. They don't need these contracts. If we as tech workers withhold our labor from Amazon, if we demand our CTOs stop working with Amazon, if AWS clients cancel their contracts and move to other providers, Amazon will be forced to end its collaboration with ICE.

We demand that Amazon stop profiting off of imperialism, racism, family separation, and human suffering.


Cosponsored by Tech Workers Coalition NYC and NYC-DSA Tech Action