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To: Trader Joe's Company: Dan Bane (CEO), Jon Basalone (President), Bobby Kendall (Regional Vice President)

NYC Trader Joe's Crew need Safe Work Conditions and Hazard Pay

NYC Trader Joe's Crew need Safe Work Conditions and Hazard Pay

New York City Trader Joe's Employees are front-line essential workers in the Covid-19 crisis. We need significant changes to our workplace to keep us and the communities we serve safe. We need:

Hazard Pay For All Workers. The bonus that the company is giving workers is not enough to compensate us for continuing to risk our health. Many other large retailers, including Target and Wholefoods have given their workers raises, why hasn't Trader Joe's? We need a raise that is not tied to store sales. Regardless of whether the store is busy or slow we put our lives at risk by going to work. In order for us to continue to risk our health by continuing to go to work we need to be fairly compensated with Hazard Pay equal to time-and-a-half pay.

Paid leave for workers at greater risk for Covid-19 infection. Many workers who are at great risk of fatal illness continue to come to work because they cannot afford to miss work. These workers must be protected.

Additional Paid sick leave for Workers who have not yet been tested or diagnosed with Covid-19, but have reasonable fear that they are infectious and are at risk of infecting their family / community.

Increased access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), (such as gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer). Management must stop trying to dissuade workers from wearing gloves and masks. The company must work with the government to make sure that workers have adequate protective gear in order to protect both Trader Joe's employees and the community at large.

Further limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at a time. Customers must be made to sanitize their hands on the way in the door, and customers should be made to limit their shopping time to 15 minutes.

Clear and timely communication from the company on a daily basis. Corporate and regional management has not been communicating with crew members in a clear and transparent way.

Store closure to protect crew members and community members from infection. When a crew member is tested positive or ordered into quarantine by a doctor the store should be closed for two weeks so that all crew members can be cleared of infection, the current 72 hour period is insufficient protection. Workers should be paid for lost hours during this time period.

Why is this important?

Trader Joe’s has a reputation as a store that treats its employees well. However, during the COVID-19 crisis Crew Members have not been treated with the respect and care that we expect from our company. Other companies with worse reputations have done more to protect and compensate and communicate with their employees. The center of the crisis has moved to New York City, and as front-line essential employees who are partly responsible for keeping NYC fed and healthy, we deserve to be treated with respect and protected from illness.

How it will be delivered

When enough New York City crew members have signed the petition we will deliver it to the company, the CEO Dan Bane, the president Jon Basalone, and the Regional Vice President Bobby Kendall.


2020-03-31 10:58:15 -0400

Over 1,000 people have signed onto the Petition. Please continue to share with fellow crew members and community members to get the company to pressure the company to do the right thing!

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