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To: Ovation Jewish Home

Ovation Jewish Home: Take Care of us During the COVID-19 Pandemic!

This is an incredibly stressful time to work in a nursing home, but we come to work every day to do what's right for our residents and provide for our families. As long-term care workers at Ovation Jewish Home in Milwaukee, WI, we could potentially be exposed to COVID-19, even through an asymptomatic carrier. Although our employer is making sure we have PPE and educating us about the ever-evolving pandemic, we don't know what we'd do if one of us gets sick. We have asked for hazard pay for all workers and emergency paid sick leave, and been denied.

Because of this, we make the following demands of Ovation Jewish Home:

1. Emergency Paid Sick Leave: If one of us gets sick at and is quarantined at home, we should not have to go without a paycheck.

2. Hazard Pay for ALL Workers: As frontline workers, we put our bodies on the line every day. This is true even if we don't work directly with a known COVID-positive resident. We're asking for all of us to be compensated for that increased risk.

3. Testing: It's important for the safety of ourselves and our residents that we can be tested for COVID-19. Wisconsin has made tests available to all nursing homes, and we're asking our employer to accept those resources and make free testing available for any employees who want it.

4. Safe Staffing: Taking COVID-19 precautions, such as properly putting on and removing PPE, adds time to our day. Especially at a time when their families can't visit, we need enough time with each resident to ensure they're provided quality care and a human connection.

Ovation Jewish Home is calling us heroes, but that rings hollow if we get sick and can't make rent or pay our bills. Even with precautions, this is a risky time to work in a nursing home, and we're asking our employer to take the best possible care of us while we take the best possible care of our residents.

We, the workers at Ovation Jewish Home, demand that our employer take care of us as we face unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is this important?

We're facing unexpected challenges and risks by working in long-term care during this pandemic. We do our jobs to make sure our residents receive the best possible care, and we want to make sure we're safe and cared for in the process.



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