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To: Jordan Brown, Lugg CEO and Eric Kreutzer, Lugg co-Founder

Protect the Lives and Health of Luggers During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Lugg must support its workers during the COVID-19 epidemic, especially those of us in vulnerable groups.

1. Give us the choice to stay home with some pay, until stay-at-home order ends.

2. If we choose to work, increase our pay to do essential work, and provide adequate gear and training to protect our health.

3. Don’t demote our priority level if we chose not to work while the stay-at-home order is in place.

4. Support the financial burden of those workers and their families that need medical care due to COVID-19.

5. Guarantee that all luggers will have the opportunity to come back to work on the platform after the health crisis ends.

Why is this important?

We are putting our lives, our health, our families’ health, and the well-being of our communities at risk!

Luggers continue to demand that Lugg treats its workers with respect and dignity, as things have not improved since we launched our first petition:

Since stay-at-home orders started due to the COVID-19 Epidemic, Lugg has been asking that we pair-up with our moving partners, and sit inside our vans for hours without dispatching any jobs, therefore not getting paid, and being exposed to Coronavirus.

We have not received proper training or protective gear to respond to the crisis, and we are not given the opportunity to clock-out and comply with stay-at-home orders. Instead, we are being constantly asked to begin shifts earlier, and then Support makes us wait for hours without work and without pay. If we leave, they demote us, scold us, or punish us for not being available - even when there is no work!


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