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To: Yum Brands

Prove Pizza Hut employees that you're grateful: Pay 'Hazard pay' & 'Paid Sick Leave'!

What's the best way to show your employees that you are grateful for their hard work during a national pandemic (Covid-19)? It's not giving them free 2 large pizzas and a side... IT'S PAYING THEM MORE MONEY (Hazard Pay, Paid sick leave, etc), specifically by giving them a bonus for putting their lives, along with their loved ones lives, at risk of contracting Covid-19!!!

Why is this important?

1. Your employees, once labeled "expendable" and "non-essential", have been on the front lines providing the best customer service to your customers since before this pandemic begun. The difference now is that you just realized how essential these employees actually are to your multimillion dollar company, they are literally the ones keeping your company alive.
2. These employees are now working under extremely hazardous conditions where they run the risk of contracting COVID-19, it would be the humane thing to compensate them for putting themselves at risk to keep your company afloat.
3. Many of these employees are susceptible to the harsh effects that covid-19 can cause. Some employees run a higher risk than others, but with no other choice but to work because finances have become an even bigger necessity during this time, many are forced to run that risk.
4. It is inhumane to exploit your employees during this pandemic (and even when not experiencing a pandemic) for the work that they are able to provide, and sometimes forced to provide on the grounds that they can be fired for not wanting to risk their lives for $14 an hour, and not AT LEAST consider the hazardous conditions they are put through and warrant the use of Hazard pay & paid sick leave for those that are not able to come to work because they don't want to risk getting others sick.
5. It is extremely important that you understand how much you rely on these employees as much as they rely on you for their biweekly checks to be able to make ends meet. These employees are essential, they are the backbone of Pizza Hut, and they do their best to please customers and hit sales.
6. It is important that you act with empathy during a pandemic and truly show your employees that you care about them and their families. Not by insulting them with free food, but by giving them a bonus for all their hard work even during a crisis in which they run the risk of being infected all to keep your company running.


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