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To: Jerry Stritzke, REI President and CEO

End Hardship at the REI Co-Op!

REI retail employees with the support of over 6 million REI members, are calling on REI to eliminate the widespread hardship that exists for its retail workers. We are asking that REI be a leader in the retail industry by providing its dedicated retail workforce the following benefits: guaranteed stable hours, more full-time opportunity, a sustainable living wage and three week advance notice of schedules.

Why is this important?

We are part-time retail employees who work for one of the most reputable outdoor retailers and cooperatives in the country, Recreational Equipment, Inc. REI is known not only for its remarkable stewardship of the outdoors, but also for its down to earth image as a retailer that ‘authentically’ values its people—an image REI prides itself on and one which distinguishes the co-op from other large scale retailers. The truth of the matter is that a huge number of us are struggling with considerable hardship. We have tried to address our grim circumstances internally, but our corporate leaders and store mangers have turned a blind eye to our outcries.

Although REI has enjoyed record profits for the last 3 years, hardship has become a way of life for most of us. While we comprise a vast majority of the retail positions at REI’s 145 and growing stores, none of us receive any real guarantees whatsoever. Such benefits are reserved for the very few full-time positions offered at REI. One of the primary causes for our hardship are the irregular hours we are subject to—ranging from 4 hours to 30 to 12 hours a week (or none at all)—making it nearly impossible for most of us to make ends meet.

Another contributing factor is the lack of full-time opportunity that exists for REI’s retail employees. Very few store workers actually work full-time. For instance, in a store that is staffed with nearly 200 workers, only about 14 of these workers (outside of management positions) are guaranteed full-time hours. For the rest of us, we are at the mercy of REI’s frequent payroll cutbacks and its variable scheduling practices. None of REI’s part-time employees are guaranteed hours—not even 4 hours a week—because that is REI’s store policy.

To exacerbate matters, employees are negatively impacted when REI hires more part-time workers during seasonal upswings in business, even though there are plenty of existing workers who are not getting enough hours. While REI claims that it has to hire more part-time employees to meet expected business demands, this is not true. There are many dedicated workers who desperately need to work more, but REI will not accommodate them.

REI’s reluctance to make this commitment to its workforce, also impacts the few meaningful benefits that we could be eligible for, like health insurance. While REI boasts it offers health insurance to its part-time workforce, only employees who work a rolling average of 20 hours a week can receive it. Those employees who qualify for coverage can just as easily lose it, simply because of the frequent payroll cutbacks made at REI. Last year alone, we witnessed a large number of distressed colleagues who were fraught with panic, after they learned REI was dropping their coverage.

As a united voice, we are demanding that REI make a commitment to its employees by giving us stable hours, offering us more full-time opportunity and putting an end to the practice of over-staffing its stores with so many part-time employees—that hardly any of us can get the hours we need to make ends meet.

In addition, it is imperative that REI addresses our low wages. In light that we were told part-time employees would not be eligible for a Living Wage, our hardship is a testament that one is needed. When most REI part-time employees are starting at a wage of just over $10 an hour and it will take an estimated 20 years to earn a Living Wage, REI is not doing enough to provide for the well-being of its employees.

Finally, part-time employees are requesting 3 weeks advance scheduling notice from the store managers who are responsible for scheduling. Typically employees receive a one weeks notice and this is not nearly enough time for those employees who need to plan for daycare, a second job, or school.

We believe no REI employee should have to take desperate measures in order to survive their jobs at the REI Co-op. When employees are seeking emergency assistance from state and federal funded programs like food stamps, donating plasma to blood banks, participating in risky pharmaceutical experiments, living off credit cards and student loans, selling off their belongings or relying on loving parents to bail them out—REI is not doing enough to take care of its workforce. We’re tired of witnessing our colleagues in great despair at work (sometimes to the point of tears), after their hours have been reduced so drastically that they don’t know how they’re going to survive.

To drive our message home, here’s a glimpse into what employees were saying after REI’s extraordinary #OptOutside campaign was announced last year. One employee stated, “I’m glad I’ll have at least one paid day in November (Black Friday).” Others exclaimed: “Are there any of us who can actually afford to get outside to our favorite outdoor spaces on Black Friday?” and “REI expects me to be stoked about #OptOutside, I can’t even afford a turkey for Thanksgiving!” That was our #OptOutside reality when REI’s amazing campaign took media by storm.

With the support of our loyal members and the sympathetic guests who shop at REI, retail employees are demanding that REI authentically value us and treat us like the myth #OptOutside created. Hardship should not be a way of life for any of REI’s fiercely dedicated workers. Moreover, it was not the vision that our co-founders, Mary & Lloyd Anderson, had intended for us. It is time the REI Co-op revisit its roots as a true cooperative and value all its employees as much as the outdoors it is renown for preserving.

#OptInChange for REI’s friendly green-vested ‘Inspired Guides’—The Andersons (the name we’ve adopted in honor of our co-founders, to represent all REI's working-class heroes). Thank you for your support!




2017-10-03 10:53:11 -0400

After Target announces a $15/hour starting pay increase store-wide by the end of 2020, REI employees go live with a new petition to generate support that the REI Co-op do the same. Please add your signature to our petition and help many of us who are struggling, rise out of poverty:

2017-05-15 14:23:06 -0400

REI employees created an informational pamphlet that covers the action that our movement took last year to address the hardships of REI's dedicated retail workforce store-wide. You can check it out here:

2016-08-11 13:17:11 -0400

On July 26th, our movement of dedicated REI employees celebrated a victory outside the Seattle flagship store. REI announced wage increases for a few dozen of its 145 stores across the country.

Collin Pointon, one of the leaders of our movement, acknowledged the positive move by REI's leadership to increase wages at some stores, while also emphasizing the real need to increase wages for all of the co-op's retail workers. Collin also addressed the need for REI's leadership to grant workers: 1. access to full-time hours before new people are hired, and 2. guaranteed weekly minimum hours for all retail employees.

Our movement would like REI take the lead in the retail industry by bringing about more positive change for its dedicated workers who are really struggling. An increase in wages for a few of its stores is a start, but it is not enough. It is long overdue that REI show a true investment in its retail workforce and that time is now.

2016-08-11 13:15:22 -0400

Check out some recent news coverage of this campaign below. The outspoken campaigning of our Green Vested troupe is being heard loud and clear across the country. We are holding REI accountable to being a great place to work, for everyone, not just those at the tippy top of the company.

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