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To: Amy's Kitchen CEO Andy Berliner

Sonoma County Community Members Demand Justice at Amy's Kitchen

We, as members of the Sonoma County community, elected officials and Amy’s Kitchen customers call upon Amy’s Kitchen to listen to the voices of their workers and stop union-busting!

Recent news has revealed disturbing stories of exploitative and abusive practices at the Amy’s Kitchen food processing plant in Santa Rosa. Workers have spoken out against what they call an unsafe work environment where injuries are rampant. The Amy’s Kitchen plant has received multiple OSHA citations for various workplace safety violations.

Amy’s kitchen has responded to the workers’ campaign by hiring outside, 3rd party anti-union consultants who hold mandatory, ‘captive audience’ meetings where the company speaks negatively about unions and promotes anti-union propaganda. Amy’s has made its anti-union stance very public.

Workers at Amy’s Kitchen are calling on CEO Andy Berliner to meet with the workers and fully listen to and discuss their issues, including a safer workplace, living wages, affordable healthcare and the right to organize free from intimidation or harassment.

Why is this important?

Sonoma County is a community that cherishes local businesses and rewards those businesses who commit to socially responsible practices. However, we believe that a business' commitment to social responsibility must extend to those who make sure our local businesses are successful and who's hard work creates their profits: their workers.

Amy's kitchen promotes itself as a socially responsible vegan food company committed to progressive values. But workers at its food processing plant in Santa Rosa began to speak out publicly about unsafe conditions, low wages, inadequate healthcare and talk about unionizing with the Teamsters. In response, the company has cracked down on whistle blowers and has hired several high-paid anti-union consultants to combat the organizing effort. These actions, from unsafe work environments resulting in worker injuries to union busting tactics are not reflective of a company with a commitment to social responsibility and "progressive" values.

This is not a campaign "against" Amy's. It is a call for them to do the right thing and stay true to their professed values. As a progressive community that supports workers and their right to organize for better conditions, we say to Amy's kitchen: listen to your workers! Stop union busting!



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