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To: Brinker International

Stop Putting Profit Over People

Chili's Bar & Grill has recently implemented a new food runner system that requires the servers & bartenders to pay the food runners wages.

This new postition was put in place without the consent or knowledge of the staff and now servers & bartenders are losing almost half of their tips due to it. The food runner makes the same wage as the servers but they are GUARANTEED a percentage of the servers food sales out of the servers tips, whereas the servers & bartenders are NOT guaranteed tips from the customer. This creates an issue when the server or bartender doesn't get Tipped because now they are paying the food runner out of their own money.

Tipping out is common practice in all restaurants but the issue here is that Chili's has dropped the prices of the menu with the deals & specials they run, while at the same time raising the tip out percentage of the staff. Some Chili's have gone from tipping out 1% of their sales up to as much as 6.5%. That is an incredibly huge jump to be taken from your money to pay the wage of others.

This new system does not help the serving staff at all and it's only creating animosity between everyone. It is not the serving staffs responsibility to pay the rest of the staff out of their own tips, just like it is not the customers job to pay the wages of servers.

Unfortunately as of right now the server minimum wage has not changed in the US since the 1930's and until we can change it, it's what we have to deal with. But something we CAN change is this. The serving staff is not happy with Chili's new runner system. It does not benefit ANYONE, despite what Corporate thinks. If anything, it's making everyone quit because no one is making money. If Chili's chooses to implement a new job position, it is THEIR responsibility to pay that staff member, not the serving staff, from THEIR tips.

Please sign this petition to show Chili's/Brinker that this new system is not working, is not helpful, it's unnecessary and completely abusive to its staff who are barely surviving off the little bit of tips they already make. If we do not see a change in this runner system we will unionize to ensure change is made!

Why is this important?

This is extremely important because this company needs to realize that we are people and deserve to be treated better and paid properly. We work hard for our tips and it is completely unfair that although the guest is not forced to tip me, I am forced to tip out the food runner, whether I made money or not. We are already not getting paid any extra with the virtual kitchens they've put in place without our consent, which are completely exploiting us for Corporate greed but now they're literally taking money from our pockets to pay the staff for a new role that they chose to add, that no one needed or asked for.



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