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To: CEO, HR director, Sedgwick, their accommodation center.

Stop Discrimination At Sam's Club/Walmart

Stop discriminating against employees with disabilities and the elderly. I am not the only one. There have been many lawsuits against Sam's Club and Walmart related to discrimination.

I was hired May 22, 2007 at Sam's Club/Walmart. I am 61yrs old and I've worked for Sam's Club for over 14 years.

In 2009, my Regional Marketing Manager retaliated against me and demoted me from the Demo department because I reported Race discrimination, and hazardous conditions to cooperate office in Bentonville. Three months later to avoid having it seen as a discriminatory action against seniors, Sam's club selected an outside sales representative and Marketing team.

After that, they placed me as a People Greeter with no opportunity for growth, promotions or adequate raises, regardless of good evaluations. My coworkers are earning more than I.
I joined an Organization called OUR WALMART for RESPECT, now call United for Respect to help fight for workers rights.

2019 I reported a male coworker whose touching was unwelcome by me. I shared this with General Manager when he came back to work at my store 6616. It took the Regional Marketing Manager one year to investigate, and then they closed the case. My Regional Marketing Manager conveniently said she can't find anything on the camera. This coworker is still there working primarily at the exit.
They used him to intimidate me. They continue to send him to break the same time as me. I am forced to take my breaks in my car. I get scared to take the elevator for fear that that man will be in there.
My General Manager and Regional Marketing Manager abused their authority by speaking ill, against me to new Associates, creating a hostile environment for me or any Associates who dares to speak out.

2020 I filed a complaint with the EEOC, OSHA, and CDC. My Attorney also file a case for harassment on my behalf.

During the 2020 covid 19 crisis, when asked to show their Membership Card Per Corporate, disgruntled Members would throw their keys or whatever they have in their hands at the time at me or at my co-worker. When I called Management for help, no one showed up . (Sam's Club/Walmart created this problem. You stop us from asking for Membership cards for a whole year, and then suddenly requesting that Members show their Membership again. This enraged our members and subject me and other Associates to hostility from members.

General Manager as well as Regional Marketing Manager, They knows very well that the People Greeters Associates are working with Accommodations, and they designate the doors as a way to accommodate associates with work accommodations or disabilities.

They made the decision intentionally to change my Job title, from People Greeter to Member Support. On December 3rd, 2021 The eliminated my position as Member Support .
Please bear in mind that the Member Support Job was under the umbrella of Members Frontline , before you moved me to work only primarily at the ENTRANCE door. It is clear that your actions is based on discriminatory motivations to eliminate Associates with disabilities like me.

On December 3rd 2021, after working through the worst of the current covid19 pandemic, Sam's Club/Walmart profited enormously from this covid19 distress and now eliminated my job title. Although you eliminate my Job, you still need Associates to work at the entrance as well as exit door.

I was verbally offered a severance package and a skimpy paper with a very vague description on how to calculate the amount I may receive .
However you offered me the Member Frontline Position and approved my primary doctor's note. I accepted it in good faith.

However at your request, your third party company name, Sedgwick, that handles disability accommodation, continuously distorts my primary doctor's work accommodations notes, disregarding my former workman's comp doctor's notes. You did approve my accommodations, but only on your terms and conditions.

Since then per the GM, HR and Regional Marketing Manager's order, supervisors intentionally place me in risky situations without accommodations. This is causing me additional emotional anxiety, and physical distress. I cannot stand longer than an hour without getting dizzy spells. That's why I have to sit periodically, especially when I am dealing with cash as a cashier. The cash register I am using is also being used by other associates. It seems to me that you are internally setting me up for failure. The Training you are providing is based on discriminatory motivations to force me to quit by causing me intense fatigue, pain and stress. Please address the above concerns, Thank You.

Sandra Jensen.

Why is this important?

Sam's Club and Walmart must stop all of the discrimination against employees with disabilities and elderly employees. We desperately need workers rights. Many Associates are afraid to speak up against Walmart and Sam club's harassments towards them, especially seniors. Stop Walmart from pitting associates against each other. I would like Sam's Club/Walmart to change for the better. I also would like union representation if associates chose to.

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To CEO Kathryn McLay